Cantina Storica Fattoria della Talosa-5521


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Amazing cellar, great history, great and reasonably...

Amazing cellar, great history, great and reasonably priced wine
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uno dei posti più interessanti da visitare...

uno dei posti più interessanti da visitare a Montepulciano, scendere nella cantina e vedere tutte le botti, e poi risalire e degustare i vini.
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About Winery and Wines

Since 1972 the estate has been owned by the family of renowned entrepreneur Angelo Jacorossi. Since three generations Jacorossi family with love, passion, and dedication brought Talosa to the summits of Italian enology. Everything started with Angelo Jacorossi, renowned entrepreneur, with a strong bond with Mother Earth. Precisely this bond pushed him to invest in this activity and after long reflections he chose this territory as expression of his passion.

33Ha of vineyards in one of the most beautiful Crus in Montepulciano, called Pietrose, at an altitude of 350-400 m a.s.l. with south-west exposure to the sun. The obsessive dedication to cultivation technics and harvest selections on small portions of land is synonymous with high-quality grapes so to obtain wine worthy of the Estate’s name. The medium-textured soils are of Pliocene origin. Tuff and clayey sands characterize this exceptional area capable of producing great wines. The harvest is exclusively done by hand. Our highly qualified staff works with great passion to achieve a common goal: to produce great wines always with respect towards our territory.