Thank You for the wonderfull expirence. The property was beautifull, owners were very friendly and explained in detail and interestingly about winemaking and the history of the estate. We also visited the wine cellars, which was a very interesting and informative experience. The wine tasting itself was also an informative and very tasty experience. Thank You!

Tasting and tour

Me and mu girlfriend went for the fast wine tasting. Very interesting tour of the very old wine cellar, and then tasting of sparkling wine in the sun. We both had a great time.

Unforgettable experience!!

We arrived around 1pm even we made a booking at 3pm. Staff were so happy and ready to serve! They immediately started to prepare our winetesting. This was interesting, unforgettable and wonderful experience! Highly recommend to visit this lovely and peaceful place. It is not only the wine, it is the story behind the wines!
We enjoyed the intimate atmosphere.


Thank you for your kind words! hope to see you again and taste more glasses together!

Very nice experience and very tasty wines!

The wine tasting was a great experience in many ways! It involved a guide around the house and the wine cellars. In the wine cellars, detailed description of the wine production and the yard's history of wine production was given. It was very interesting and the guide was always open for questions from us. After the tour we got to taste 5 wines, one sparkling, one white and three red wines. They were all lovely! We also got to compare the wines, and learn how the age of the wine and how the composition of different grapes, impact the flavour. We all bought some bottles to bring back to our home country. All in all, a very nice experience. Highly recommend!
Buy the red sweet wine, it was incredible!!


thank you so much for your feedback! and thank you also for taking some bottles to take to your cities. It was a pleasure to welcome you and we hope to see you again soon!

Incredible Personal Experience

We had a wonderful time as a group of six. Edwardo was very kind and knowledgeable and we learned so much. Not only was the wine delicious, we also had a lovely time talking and discussing many things. As far as experiences go it was one of the best we’d ever had as a group. I can not recommend Medolago Albani enough!


Hi Liam!! Thank you for your review and thank you for your kind words!! It was very nice to have you and your friends here in our winery! Hope to see you soon!

Great experience and very hospitable owner

It was a pleasure to be a guest at Redon's villa Medolago Albani. Beautiful Vineyard, very well maintained. The owner is very hospitable. He golf us the stories of the place and his family.


Thank you Katarzna! We hope to see you again!

Fast wine tasting

Our experience in Medolago Albani was very pleasant and nice. The place was very beautiful and our guide was great. We got the full experience even though we only spent there less than an hour.


Thank you for your kind words! hope to see you again and taste more glasses together!

Molto interessante

Competenza e grande cortesia
Complimenti per l'ambiente suggestivo e ricco di storia

Super Consigliato!

La nostra guida, Edoardo, si è dimostrata incredibilmente competente, appassionata e disponibile. L'ambiente storico era ricco di storie affascinanti, e la selezione di vini proposta era eccezionale. In breve, consiglio vivamente questa esperienza a chiunque sia interessato al mondo del vino.


Grazie mille della tua recensione!! Speriamo di rivederci presto!

Beautiful place, relaxed and good wines

We had a very nice wine tasting here included tour. Stefano told us a lot about the wines and the history of his family. It was very relaxed, not time limited. The wines are very good and also to buy some bottles
Take this wine to the netherlands


ei!!! thank you!! I hope to see you again! you are a very nice couple!
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Thumbnail FAST Wine Tasting at Medolago Albani
Trescore Balneario, Bergamo (Iseo Lake)
45 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 40
From €12.00
“Tour of the winery and tasting of Medolago Albani's Metodo Classico Brut Bianco”
Thumbnail Tasting of the DOC Wines of Bergamo at Medolago Albani
Trescore Balneario, Bergamo (Iseo Lake)
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 40
From €24.00
“Discover three excellent wines from the Bergamo DOC area with this wine tasting at Medolago Albani”
Thumbnail Valcalepio DOC and more Tasting at Medolago Albani
Trescore Balneario, Bergamo (Iseo Lake)
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 40
From €28.00
“Come discover the DOC and sparkling wines of Bergamo at Medolago Albani”
Thumbnail Wine Tasting & Villa Redona Tour at Medolago Albani
Trescore Balneario, Bergamo (Iseo Lake)
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 4, Maximum 30
From €37.00
“Come visit Villa Redona, the private manor house of the owners of the Medolago Albani winery. Followed by a guided tasting of 4 wines”

About Winery and Wines

Nobility, tradition, and territory are the key elements of Medolago Albani products. The Medolago Albani Winery is located on the hills of Redona in the Municipality of Trescore Balneario, at the entrance to the Cavallina Valley, along the Bergamo-Lovere state road. The 30 hectares of vineyards have optimal exposure in a basin facing south. The calcareous-clayey soils and the excellent micro-climate have favored the cultivation of vines for centuries. The church and the cellar, the nucleus of an ancient hermitage with agricultural activity, date back to the early sixteenth century. The current manor house is an excellent example of eighteenth-century architecture. The ancient wine-growing vocation of the area is also testified by the grandiose fresco of the "Christ of the vineyards" painted by Lorenzo Lotto in 1524 in the Suardi Chapel of Trescore, a couple of kilometers away from the Medolago Albani winery, which, in turn, it preserves a precious canvas of the Lotto school dated 1536, depicting Santa Caterina d'Alessandria. The constant replanting of the vineyards with fine clones and modern winemaking equipment allows the Medolago Albani winery to renew itself in tradition while continuing to guarantee typical wines with a great personality. Member of the Lombardy Wine Tourism Movement and the Valcalepio Doc Protection Consortium, the Medolago Albani winery is equipped to receive visits from individuals or groups upon reservation.

The Conti Medolago Albani family lives in the homonymous palace on the walls of Bergamo Alta. The palace owned by the family and of historical and artistic interest is an imposing example of neoclassical architecture. Built by the architect Simone Cantoni starting from 1770, it was bought in 1841 by Count Giacomo Medolago Albani, the ancestor of the current owners. In short, the palace was transformed, embellished and became one of the most elegant in the city and the seat of the most important historical and cultural events of the time such as the visits of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria with his wife Elisabeth of Bavaria (better known such as Princess Sissi) and of the king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II as evidenced by the commemorative stone slabs at the entrance of the building.

VALCALEPIO ROSSO: Valcalepio DOC Rosso 2020 has an intense and radiant ruby red color, and this is just the anticipation of a surprising concentration and undisputed vigor. The nose is powerful and of an incontrovertible elegance, it presents a seductive sequence of floral character that is harmoniously accompanied by rich notes of ripe fruit, red fruit, and black fruit where blackberry prevails. These aromatic elements are elegant. The palate surprises for its density and harmony, for the great elegance and silkiness that accompany the tasting.

The label is a storytelling of the Medolago Albani family. Tradition has never abandoned our world even though it has been projected into innovation and the pursuit of modernity. The noble world of wine accompanies our products with figures that can be found and searched for in the beautiful walls that adorn the properties of the family

VALCALEPIO BIANCO: From one of the areas of Lombardy most suited to the production of white wines, at altitudes of up to 400 meters, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio of great elegance and refinement. The budding of the vines in spring 2020 was homogeneous and early, certainly due to the mild winter characterized by days with temperatures that were never too cold. The development of the shoots was uniform and the leaves immediately had an intense and brilliant green: a clear sign of plants in full health. In the two months preceding the harvest and during the veraison of the grapes, regular rains and lots of sunshine in the rest of the period. The hot and dry days of September allowed us to carry out a harvest of the highest quality to the end. Visually, the wine is clear and brilliant: the brilliance of its reflections in the glass recalls the brightness of the sunny days of the 2020 harvest at Villa Redona. The nose is captured by many floral notes, almost like a colorful spring bloom. When tasted, the Valcalepio Bianco denotes a decisive persistence of aromas!

The label of Valcalepio DOC Bianco is a representation of the magnificent frescoes in the Bonomini gallery that delighted and adorned the family home in the Città Alta in Bergamo. A clear reference to the tradition and history that the Medolago Albani family wants to tell through its products

I DUE LAURI: VALCALEPIO ROSSO RISERVA: I DUE LAURI is certainly the son of its vintage, which managed to enclose all the maturity and concentration of a particularly sunny and dry season. The color is almost black, and the nose reveals a rich and mature expression of black fruits, with spicy and licorice notes. On the palate, the wine manages to combine the great intensity and ripeness of the fruits with a remarkable sense of balance and freshness. The tannins create a dense and velvety structure, with a persistent fruity finish and vibrant acidity that give a touch of freshness

The I DUE LAURI label is the most representative of the family. In fact, the noble coat of arms is the characterizing and iconic element of the Medolago Albani. The company wanted to use the emblem for its reserve I DUE LAURI to give more importance to the wine and to use this bottle as a representative element of the company

SANTA CATERINA: Obtained with 100% chardonnay grapes. Soft pressing and fermentation for 12 months in French oak barrels. Aging for at least 10 months in the bottle. Strong personality and structure. Bright and intense straw yellow It is always intense and full, an intertwining of citrus sapid suggestions, then peach and many tropical fruits, banana, mint, white flowers, rocks, and mushrooms! At the end of persistence, you can perceive smoky, buttery, and vanilla aromas given by the fermentation in barrique. Santa Caterina is a structured and acidic, opulent, savory wine. The buttery, spice, and roundness combined with flavors of citrus cream are the first elements of this great wine. A very limited production wine, researched and then obtained of the highest quality.

METODO CLASSICO BRUT: In the glass, Medolago Albani Brut shows a perlage of an elegant finesse and the numerous bubbles that surround the edge of the glass amplify the golden reflections of the wine. At the nose, this Classic Method gives mineral notes and white spring flowers such as jasmine; followed by hints of acacia honey, pastry, and white pulp fruit such as apple, in the finish there is no lack of more evolved aromas reminiscent of dried fruit. The entry into the mouth is clear and clean, the effervescence tickles all the taste buds without attacking them, indeed it favors the perception of a decisive creaminess. The finish is long and recalls the aroma of the licorice combined with some toasted notes.