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Thumbnail Wine Tasting & Cooking Experience with Lunch at Porta del Vento Winery

Wine Tasting & Cooking Experience with Lunch at Porta del Vento Winery

Camporeale, Palermo
5 Hours
From €190.00
“Immerse yourself in the beautiful Sicilian countryside while enjoying 5 amazing wines paired with typical Sicilian food you helped prepare!”

About Winery and Wines

The Porta del Vento winery is located in Camporeale, just 40 minutes from Palermo. Born in 2005 thanks to of the passion of the owner towards wine, food, and growing grapes. Plants are on a hill 600 m high, immerse in in the beautiful Sicilian countryside around Palermo, windy, where the climate excursion, and arenaria rock and sandy soil create the best condizion to grow local native grapes such as Catarratto, Grillo, Perricone. Wines are all natural, organic and byodinamic, as the mission is the strict contact with Nature and its biodiversity in order to create a deep balance, a complete consciousness, identity and creativity.

Wines are made with native grapes: Catarratto, Grillo, Perricone. In single grapes or blended, they express the area where they group with all its peculiarity. Wines, Voria: a parkling wine obtained from Catarratto grapes(both produced as white or orange), rose' with Perricone grapes grown in an organic / biodynamic regime and harvested by hand in small boxes. Refermented in the bottle with the addition of must to the base wine. Not filtered and not disgorged, with the presence of yeasts in the bottle. Catarratto, Grillo, Perricone and a grapparosa of Perricone