Siamo stati ospiti nella tenuta per la degustazione dei vini, devo dire che il posto è veramente bello, curato e anche la strada per arrivarci, rende tutto magico.
Una volta a destinazione ci ha accolto l'enologo facendoci fare un piccolo tour della cantina, spiegandoci tutti i processi e le tipologie di uva nel vigneto.
La degustazione è iniziata verso le 19.30, il posto è incantevole!!!
L'enologo ci ha introdotto,ed ha accompagnato con spiegazioni dettagliate tutti i vini ma senza essere mai invadente. Esperienza consigliatissima. Vorrei anche sottolineare che in fase di prenotazione abbiamo richiesto un menù vegetariano che è stato piacevolmente servito.

Sapori Toscani

La tenuta Impostino trovo che sia davvero molto carina è ben tenuta ed inoltre la location è incantevole.
Ho avuto la possibilità di visitare la cantina e degustare 7 vini di loro produzione accompagnati da un ottima cena erano tutte pietanze Toscane cucinare al momento con ingredienti freschi e saporiti, davvero ottima!. Ottimi erano anche i vini che ho degustato e inoltre colui che mi ha guidato in questa esperienza era molto preparato.
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Thumbnail Wine Experience at Tenuta Impostino
Civitella-Paganico, Grosseto (Maremma)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum Not Specified
From €19.00
“Immerse yourself in the nature and charm of Tenuta Impostino's wine production.”
Thumbnail Riserva Experience at Tenuta Impostino
Civitella-Paganico, Grosseto (Maremma)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum Not Specified
From €31.00
“The best way to get to know in detail the production and the wines of Tenuta l'Impostino.”

About Winery and Wines

"Since I was young, during the summer, leaded by hand by my most beloved man, my grandfather Giovanni, I learned to love with great enthusiasm the nature and land of Tuscany, discovering together paradisiacal corners in this marvellous and wild nature... it's in this way that, after years of great satisfactions as commercial director for some of the most important Italian design companies, and thanks to the birth of my splendid twin daughters, I decided to quit my career and to jump in a new challenge; the realization of the dream of my life: I allways had the idea the idea of bringing my enthusiasm, my passion for my land, for the good wine and the good food, in this place forgotten for years, bringing it back to its ancient splendour. We started an hard work and in a few years of efforts we transformed the centenary pasture in an amphitheatre of vineyards and brought back to its life and hospitability the old inn with its eight bedrooms. The piggery was later turned into a restaurant. My big bet: enclose in each bottle the strength and the perfume of this land such peculiar and suited to the production of important red wines."

The Montecucco DOC appellation, where the Tenuta l'Impostino is placed, is located in the southern part of Tuscany, in the high Maremma, in a natural and wild environment. The rainfalls, especially taking place in the autumnal-winter period, facilitate drought summer periods during which the grapevine deepens its root system, exploring the soil. From the ripening of the first grapes and onwards, the slope is always positively windy and the day-night temperature swing increases the developing of the aromatic characteristics of the grapes. The climate is therefore highly favourable for the cultivation of the grapevine in general, and the Sangiovese in particular. This cultivar is the most cultivated grape and certainly the most representative of the whole Tuscany; it is in fact strongly linked to this region in which produces, with excelling vocationality, elegant and full-bodied wines, suitable for long aging. In the cultivar Sangiovese the style of the Montecucco wines is identify. These wines are famous since the middle-ages and that has always been reserved to a few experts, due to the weak economical and industrial development of the region that limited its expansion, but that nowadays represents its strength.


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