About Winery and Wines

Pribus, located in the heart of Friuli's DOC area, is home to an extraordinary site of 40 hectares, 25 of which are dedicated to vineyards. The estate, under the heritage of the Budai family, maintains its original charm while producing a range of iconic Friulano and Italian wines such as Crusazzo, La Rizza, and Il Santo. Experience the magic of Pribus by taking part in their exclusive winery and vineyard tour and discover the secrets behind their production and the region's culture.

Pribus offers a complete experience by taking you through its winery and vineyards, letting you discover the secrets of its production and the area's customs.

The exclusive selection of vine varieties produces grapes that have intense, persistent aromas. To the basic line, made up of various varieties of reds and whites, are added selections that also spend time aging in wood.