elena massignani

Tutto buono e molto abbondante. Il ristorante...

Tutto buono e molto abbondante. Il ristorante ha una vista bellissima. Romantico
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Silvio Cavallo

Uno dei vini più buoni!

Uno dei vini più buoni!
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Francesco Rovida

Un posto da visitare. Vini naturali di...

Un posto da visitare. Vini naturali di qulità eccellente. Agriturismo vero, con un menù molto interessante.
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lorenzo pilloni

oggi e' il mio 50 compleanno !...

oggi e' il mio 50 compleanno ! mi e' stata donata una bottiglia di romangia rosso ! DIVINO ! non lo dimentichero' ! grazie a voi che mantenete alta la tradizione e qualita' dei nostri vini!
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About Winery and Wines

“If being a Homo sapiens sapiens means looking but not observing, eating but not tasting, hearing but not listening, smelling but not enjoying a scent… well then, I am proud to be a Homo sapiens sapiens and nothing more.

I feel myself an animal just like the other animals. Part of planet earth and of the universe. I want to be an animal with that minimum of rationality necessary for my free will. That is why I make wine… it is the method I know for making me feel what I am: instinctually an animal.”

“I do not follow the market; I make wines that please me, wine of my own local area, wines of Sennori.
They are what they have to be and not what you want them to be.”

Alessandro Dettori – 1998 – Winegrowers, artisans of wine and of the earth

Then my father and I select out the best clusters on a custom-built steel sorting table. The grapes are de-stemmed but not crushed, then the must macerates on the skins in cement vats without the addition of any SO2. The length of maceration depends on the characteristics of the must; it can last from three to twenty days. Lengthier macerations are not part of our local culture. The wine is always drawn off by hand in order not to harm the skins. The wine then continues its journey in small cement vats until bottling, which comes usually two to three years later.

In our winemaking, we do not make any use of any synthetic chemicals apart from sulphur: no added yeasts, no enzymes, or any other adjuvant either in fermentation or in maturation. The wine is neither filtered, clarified, or barriqued. Give time to rest after shipping. Leave in to oxygenate in the glass. Probable remaings and CO2 are natural. Every bottle can be different. We do not use international grape varieties to smooth out our wines.