Dégustation vins

Superbe expérience en compagnie de Roberta qui nous a expliqué tout depuis son grand-père à aujourd'hui sur la récolte et la création des vins qu'ils mettent en vente.
Ces vins sont délicieux et complètement réalisés de manière naturelle et organique.
Vraiment à conseiller.


Respuesta de De Quarto Vitivinicoltori

Thank you Cindy for your visit, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the tasting and I hope to see you again in Puglia and in our winery! you two were very nice and curious guest :) it was a pleasure
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Thumbnail Cata de vinos jónicos en De Quarto en Salento
Pulsano, Tarento (Salento)
1 Hora 30 Minutos
Participantes: Mínimo 2, Máximo 20
Desde €20.00
“Una cata de 3 vinos de variedades autóctonas vinificados en pureza, típicos de la vertiente jónica del Alto Salento.”
Thumbnail Cata de vinos típicos en De Quarto en Salento
Pulsano, Tarento (Salento)
2 Horas
Participantes: Mínimo 4, Máximo 20
Desde €30.00
“Degustación de 4 vinos ecológicos y naturales, incluido un vino de larga maceración, expresión del territorio, maridados con manjares típicos”
Thumbnail Experiencia Ars Vinifera Wine en De Quarto, Salento
Pulsano, Tarento (Salento)
3 Horas
Participantes: Mínimo 4, Máximo 15
Desde €45.00
“Una cata de 5 vinos ecológicos y naturales representativos acompañados de productos típicos, seguida de una visita a los viñedos de Lizzano”

Sobre la bodega y los vinos

We only produce natural wines from our own selected and local grapes, grown in family - owned vineyards. We take care of and control every step, from the cultivation, through the vinification in our ancient cellars, to the bottling.

We've been winegrowers for five generations in this area, on the Ionian coast, dedicated to viticulture for thousands of years, since the Greek colonization. This is the reason why our wines are authentic expressions of their terroirs of origin.

Our aim is to offer fine and wholesome wines that express the authentic flavors given naturally by the terroir; so, each wine is produced with the relative variety only and we refuse to alter them during the winemaking. All the wines have European quality marks (DOP and IGP) and organic European certification.

"Natural wine" means that we get our wine with the less invasive human and technological intervention both in vineyards (we don't use treatments involving synthetic chemicals that would get into plant lymphatic circulation); both in cellars (and that's why "natural" means more than "organic"!), where we cannot use any chemical, animal or plant origin product.

So, technically, we start from organically grown and hand-picked and selected grapes, in dry-farmed, low-yielding and family-owned vineyards. We don't use any pesticides, added sugar, cultivated yeasts, foreign bacteria, or enzymes; nor adjustments for acidity, or external flavor additives, including those derived from oak barrels, staves, chips, or liquid extract. In fact, we don't use barrels in order to not affect our wines' original flavor and taste; nor additives for color, mouthfeel, minerality, etc.: no additives at all. The filtrations are minimal filtration, with spontaneous or natural precipitation.

We are allowed to use a very little quantity of sulfites while bottling, to preserve most unstable wines (such as white or sweet wine). The amount is 50 mg/l for white and sweet wines, 30 mg/l for red wines: 1/3 of conventional wines, 1/2 of organic wines, which is the quantity developed naturally by the grapes themselves.