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La padrona del vigneto ci ha accolto in modo impeccabile, abbiamo visitato i vigneti e la cantina con la sua spiegazione dei vari processi e risposto ad ogni nostra curiosità. Infine ci ha fatto degustare varie tipologie di vino che avevano prodotto con un bellissimo tagliere che accompagnava. Ci siamo sentiti veramente coccolati. Consigliamo assolutamente

Cristiano Lontani

Piccola cantina, ma ben curata e con...

Piccola cantina, ma ben curata e con Ottimi Vini Rossi.
Sicuramente chi passa in zona qualche bottiglia deve portarla a casa.
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Thumbnail Tour degustativo a Tenuta la Viola

Tour degustativo a Tenuta la Viola

Bertinoro, Forlì-Cesena
1 Ora 30 Minuti
Da 15,00 €
“Breve visita dei vigneti e della cantina, dai luoghi di vinificazione a quelli di affinamento, con degustazione dei prodotti più tipici”

Cantina e Vini

Gabellini's family, owner of the winery, moved to Bertinoro from Romagna's hinterland and in 1962 bought the land with Sangiovese and Albana vineyards, at that time cultivated with alberello system. Wine was an important part of the peasant tradition, and serving it on the table meant sharing with guests the love and pride for the fruit of the work of the land; even then it was not considered just a food, but a point of union among people, an occasion to be well together. Wine is for us a tradition and a passion that binds us indissolubly to our land. We deeply believe that the history, the experience, the dedication and the professionalism of the people who work the land flow into the quality and character of the wines obtained from it, making them unique. Organic Farming We have always believed in organic farming, which we have been practicing in a certified way since 1999. This is why we do not use chemical insecticides in our crops, preserving the health of the people and the vines themselves, allowing each vineyard to maintain its natural balance, its intact aromas, bright colors and enveloping atmosphere of harmony. Since 2018 we have started the practices of biodynamic agriculture to stimulate the activitỳ of the soil by facilitating vital processes in the management of our vineyards. Fertilization, cultivation and breeding are implemented in a way that respects and promotes the fertility and vitality of the soil and at the same time the typical qualities of plant and animal species. The grassing of the soil is alternated to the practice of green manure, the turf is mechanically mowed and no chemical weeding is done. Vineyards Vineyards and grapes harvesting are all done by hand. We do not use a sorting table but the selection of grapes is done by hand directly in the vineyard during harvesting. Currently the extension of our vineyards is about 12 hectares (12 acres), 10 owned and 2 rented, with an average annual production of 50,000 b

“P.Honorii” is undoubtedly our outstanding wine, yet “Il Colombarone” is the most representative one. We produce 11,000 bottles a year of this elegant and pleasant wine, which represents the hospitality of our region.