About Winery and Wines

I am Mattia Muggittu and I am 23 years old and since I was a child I have been fascinated by the world of viticulture and in 2018 I decided to enroll in the faculty of oenology in Oristano, to take the title of oenologist. My passion for enology and viticulture was basically transmitted to me by my father, despite coming from a family of great winemakers, as I was in Mamoiada, a small town in the center of Sardinia, with a strong vocation for viticulture.


My father has always produced a good wine, but one that didn't go beyond the local cask market. In 2021 I decided to bottle wine for the first time, trying to turn a simple hobby into my main job.

Currently my company is made up of 5 hectares of Cannonau, divided into small plots of land, which allow me to produce a complex product that reflects the characteristics of the cannonau.

I practice organic viticulture, with total respect for the terroir and spontaneous fermentations of win; the vineyards range from 20 years of age, to a vineyard that is more than 70 years old up to a vineyard that is just one year old. They are located at 750msl, with a crumbling granite ground.

I produce a pure cannonau (BOELI) and a rosé produced from Cannonau grapes (BOELI ROSATO), and soon we will put on the market a white wine, the Granazza, an autochthonous vine of Mamoiada