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Thumbnail Panoramic Wine Tasting on the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheater with Garage Dell’Uva
Azeglio, Turin (Canavese)
2 Hours 30 Minutes
From €25.00
“A tasting of 4 wines and local products in the panoramic vineyards of Garage Dell’Uva, overlooking the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheater”

About Winery and Wines

Garage dell'Uva was born from the desire of some enthusiasts to produce wine using old vineyards which were later integrated with some new systems.

Thus redeveloping abandoned vineyards and re-evaluating abandoned native vines with environmentally sustainable methods that are as artisanal and manual as possible. Low use of chemicals both in the vineyard and in the cellar, plenty of space for field observation and prevention. Our vineyards are located within the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea, a geological formation created by the melting of a large Quaternary glacier. They are located in various municipalities of a large area of ​​north-western Piedmont called Canavese near Lake Viverone, the city of Ivrea, the castle of Masino, and a few kilometers from the Dora Baltea river. The morainic hills on which our vineyards are located are characterized by good drainage and excellent sun exposure. Being at the mouth of the Aosta Valley, the morainic hills are also affected by air flows which act very positively, especially in cases of high rainfall.

Our idea of ​​viticulture is closely linked to observation and presence in the vineyard in order to reduce sanitary treatments to a minimum. We leave the rows grassed and we do not use additional fertilizers except by reusing the shredded prunings and grass clippings. The same goes for the cellar where selected yeasts and additives of any kind are not used except for minimal doses of sulfur dioxide in quantities, however, clearly below the legal limits.

From the wide ampelographic variety present in the Canavese area, through selected collections, we have over time identified a series of vinifications which, in our view, interpret and represent, from an oenological point of view, a unique area, that of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea, suitable for the cultivation of vines for quality productions.

Plandrun: Erbaluce
Desgenà: Barbera & Freisa
Barùss: Uva Rara, Neretta Cuneese, Barbera
Starmà: Neretto Gentile, Vespolina, Nebbiolo
Spumante Erbaluce Brut
Spumante Rosè Brut