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Thumbnail 'Capitel della Crosara' Amarone Wine Tasting at Montresor Wines
Verona, Verona (Valpolicella, Amarone)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 18
From €60.00
“A tasting of 5 vintages of Amarone Classico DOCG from the last 20 years, to make you understand how its organoleptic expressions can change”

More information on Amarone

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG is surely one of the most sought-after wines of Valpolicella, a favorite destination for wine lovers looking for some unique wine tastings. The production area of this appellation covers the entire foothills of the province of Verona, from Lake Garda to the border with Vicenza. Here, a series of valleys and hills dotted with vineyards reach the plain drawing the particular shape of a hand.

During your wine tastings in this area, you will be able to taste different types of Amarone DOCG, such as ‘Classico’, produced in the oldest municipalities of the production area, or ‘Riserva’. The particularity of this wine is that it is made by fermenting dried grapes, following the appassimento technique, which requires the grapes to be left to rest for about three months in racks or crates in specific rooms called fruttai. From September the wine is transferred in oak casks where it is aged for a minimum of 2 years (calculated from January 1st after the harvest) whereas the 'Riserva' requires a minimum aging of 4 years.

Which food to taste in Amarone?

Your Amarone wine tastings will give you the opportunity to discover different facets of this prestigious appellation. In the area, you will also be able to taste various dishes prepared using Amarone that we recommend trying, such as risotto all’Amarone and brasato all’Amarone. Other specialties of the area include bollito con la pearà (boiled meat with a traditional bread sauce), bigoli con le sarde (pasta with sardines) and polenta with various sides.

Which wines to taste in Amarone?

When visiting the wineries producing Amarone you will encounter various grape varieties typical of Valpolicella. According to its disciplinary, Amarone DOCG is produced using Corvina (45-95%) or Corvinone (up to 50%) and Rondinella (5-30%). Other black grape varieties are also allowed in smaller quantities. This particular blend allows to obtain a ruby-garnet colored wine with great body and structure, a good alcohol percentage (minimum 14%), and hues of spices and red fruits.

Which is the best season to visit Amarone?

The best seasons to visit Valpolicella for an Amarone wine tastings are either spring, when the vineyards and all nature surrounding them are in bloom, or autumn, the perfect season to enjoy a glass of Amarone paired with the hearty local cuisine.

What things to do in Amarone?

Besides visiting the best wineries producing Amarone, during your time in this area we recommend visiting a few of the highlights of this area, such as the Waterfall Park of Molina, the Veja bridge in the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, Lake Garda, the Pojega garden, the village of San Giorgio di Valpolicella.

Which wineries to visit in Amarone?

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Where to do wine tastings in Amarone?

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