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Thumbnail At Leonarda's House - Home Restaurant Experience in Salaparuta, Sicily
Contessa Entellina, Palermo
3 Hours
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 12
From €69.00
“Welcome to the cozy Leonarda Tardi Home Restaurant, where culinary art and enology come together to offer you an unforgettable experience”

About Winery and Wines

Leonarda Tardi is a Sicilian family winery, specialised in the production of wines from grapes grow in

their vineyard, ethical and respectful of the environment.

We are Calogero and Eliana Mazzara, brothers and producers of Leonarda Tardi.

Since 2016, when we started this wine adventure, we have concentrated our energies to enhance the

Salaparuta (TP) vineyards by remaining linked to the territory and producing quality wines by combining

the taste of modernity with the experience of two generations of winemakers.

All the wines we produce age for at least 6 months in steel and at least 1 year in the bottle, this step

manages to convey the essence of our land to the taster.

Every single type of wine is bottled on the same day. This guarantees us the uniqueness of each bottle.


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