Lovely area with the perfect wines

One of the best wine tours we did so far! The tour itself, the all knowing guide, the story around the wines and it's making process, the area and the high quality wines made it a perfect day. Would definitely recommend
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Thumbnail Classic Tour and Wine Tasting at Perinet in Priorat
Poboleda, Tarragona (Priorat)
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 12
From €30.00
“Perinet invites you on a journey of discovery of the great wines of Priorat, the fruit of an ancient tradition and heroic viticulture”
Thumbnail Barrel Tour and Wine Tasting at Perinet in Priorat
Poboleda, Tarragona (Priorat)
3 Hours
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 12
From €75.00
“Get to know the Llicorella, the Priorat terroir, with this exclusive experience including a tasting of 4 wines including a limited edition”

About Winery and Wines


Perinet is a spectacular estate vineyard in the Priorat DOQ, located approximately at 90 min. drive from Barcelona. Perinet Winery is an entirely unique asset in the Priorat, in part due to the original developer’s approach which made the efforts in carrying out their vision to invest in a premium winery and a tourist destination of excellence.

Perinet estate is a propriety surrounded by local varietals like Carignan and Grenache as long as international French varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The estate features a showcase winery, the jewel of the Priorat. Perinet focuses on boutique estate wines.

The developers of Perinet set about building terraces and finished planting vines by 2002. The vineyards are built on technologically advanced terraces, with a high density plantation. Nowadays Perinet has become a modern winery located in a very traditional region. Different varieties, different wines and techniques make Perinet a place where the past meets the future.


The Perinet estate vineyards encompass three completely unique and distinct micro-climates within the ancient Priorat region. Our site diversity allows our winemaking team to add melody, harmony and complexity within our blends. The three vineyard personalities translate to warm and fruit-forward in Mas Vell, fresh, vibrant and long in Mas del Xes, and spice-laden grapes cooled by Mediterranean breezes in Pendents. These individual climates define our home in the Priorat. 

Our traditional plantings of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah are augmented with international varietals in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Each vineyard block takes on its own character burrowing deep into llicorella, the rare slate and quartz-laden soils that define the Priorat. In conditions almost impossible for other plants to grow, our vines thrive in their search for water and nutrients, a true “struggle of the vines” to produce world-class wines.


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