More information on Priorat

The Spanish wine region of Priorat is located in the province of Tarragona, south of Barcelona. Characterized by a unique territory and microclimate, the Priorat region consists of a constellation of charming small villages, scattered across a beautiful mountainous agricultural scenery. Across the isolated and enchanting landscapes of Priorat, you will have the opportunity to visit some historical wineries and taste some of Spain’s best red wines.

During your visits to the wineries of Priorat, you will have the opportunity to taste various high-quality red wines coming from heroic vineyards, growing on steep mountain slopes with soils rich in black slate (locally known as llicorella). The wines produced in Priorat fall under two different designation categories: the wines produced in the central area fall under the designation DOQ Priorat, one of the only two Spanish wines to have obtained a Qualified Designation of Origin. Wines produced in other areas of Priorat instead fall under the DO Montsant certification.

Which food to taste in Priorat?

While the region is most famous for its wines, between your wine tastings and winery visits in Priorat make sure to try some of the mouthwatering dishes that are typical of the area. You will be able to taste various continental specialties like grilled lamb, botifarra negra (blood sausage), snails, and rabbit meat, as well as some typical rice-based dishes. Priorat’s most iconic recipe is truita amb suc, an omelet served with a tomato-based gravy and various fillings.

Which wines to taste in Priorat?

The protagonists of your wine tastings in Priorat will undoubtedly be red wines, as the production of red wines represents almost 95% of the entire region’s production. The most widespread black grape variety is without doubt Garnacha, followed by Cariñena, another local variety. Other popular black grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot. The most widespread white grape varieties found in Priorat are instead Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo, and Pedro Ximénez, used in the production of fortified wines.

Which is the best season to visit Priorat?

Wine tastings and visits to the wineries of Priorat can be organized throughout the year. If you’re planning on doing some of the various outdoor activities that the area offers, such as mountain biking, hikes or vineyard strolls, we recommend visiting between spring and autumn, when the days are longer and warmer.

What things to do in Priorat?

Located just a couple of hours south of Barcelona, the small territory of Priorat boasts both natural and historic gems that are definitely worth visiting between a winery visit and another. Highlights of Priorat include the Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei, the village of Siurana, the city of Tarragona, the village of Falset, and the wine trails along Serra de Montsant.