Incredible experiance

Despite some difficulties with the reservation and errors on the platform the staff welcomed us and prepared wine tasting. It was amazing! The best wines I’ve drunk in my life. Just incredible. Thank you for having Us!

Fantastic esperience

Fantastic experience at the amastuola farm, where we tasted 5 different labels, between kindness and friendliness we got to know the foundations of this fantastic structure. Accompanied by a sommelier we immersed ourselves in their work and their production that has been active for years. Excellent wines, delicious food. Try it for those who want to do something different, a world will open up for you.
I recommend the top wine centosassi to everyone because it is their flagship wine. also perfect as a wave of time to accompany with a platter of cold cuts and cheeses from our land

Ottimi vini bellissima location

Ottimi vini bellissima location
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Un ottimo lavoro, merita una visita, premiata...

Un ottimo lavoro, merita una visita, premiata come una delle migliori strutture del Mondo per la vigna Giardino, mi sento di ringraziare i proprietari per aver caparbiamente investito nel nostro territorio,
di una struttura del genere è certamente bello esserne proprietari ma è anche un grosso motivo di orgoglio per tutti gli abitanti del comprensorio.
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Thumbnail Tasting base at Masseria Amastuola
Crispiano, Taranto (Primitivo di Manduria)
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum Not Specified
From €15.00
“Discover Puglia wines in a unique and romantic atmosphere!”
Thumbnail Masseria Amastuola Top experience
Crispiano, Taranto (Primitivo di Manduria)
3 Hours 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum Not Specified
From €80.00
“An unforgettable food and wine experience is waiting for you at Masseria Amastuola!”
Thumbnail Food and wine tasting experience at Masseria Amastuola
Crispiano, Taranto (Primitivo di Manduria)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum Not Specified
From €25.00
“A complete and immersive experience aimed at letting you taste the real essence of Masseria Amastuola”

About Winery and Wines

The vineyard, with its extension of more than 100 hectares of entirely organic farming, is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean in Puglia (Italy), on a plateau at an altitude of 210 meters above sea level, where the microclimate favours organic farming and precious minerals and nutrients of the terroir give the wines a very special aroma. The vineyard was established on the basis of a project aimed at enhancing the area towards sustainable development as to remove the “ghost” of abandonment that is undermining the future of agriculture and that of the South in particular. To this end has been recuperated non productive land by planting above all autochthon vines. To obtain the excellence of the grapes in each stage of production, we combine ancient skills and love for the land with the most modern technologies. Vines and grapes are cared in each phase of growth with traditional care. To protect the environment and saving water, the vineyard is equipped with a compensating drip irrigation system, used only in years of drought, to safeguard the quality of the grapes. Recently, in collaboration with University of Piacenza, an agrometeorological station has been installed in the vineyard. Through a management software it evidences periods of risk of vine parasites and the relative risk of infection, the current level of protection guaranteed by any previous treatment (depending on environmental conditions and development of the plant) and the optimal dose of product to distribute, thus reducing drastically the amount of defence products.

Our wines are born from the blend of tradition and research, are a faithful expression of the unique terroir of Amastuola. Scrupulous attention to detail and limited yields to get quality organic wines that describe with their authentic essence our love for this extraordinary land immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.


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