Esperienza bellissima

Abbiamo fatto questa esperienza da soli con il proprietario, Stefano. Gentilissimo e super appassionato ci ha coinvolti in un tour dell'azienda veramente bello.
Ci ha anche viziato con due assaggi extra. Consigliato

Reply from Menti Giovanni

Grazie Giulia, è stato un piacere conoscere te e Eric, alla prossima!
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Thumbnail Terroir Wine Tasting Experience at the Menti Winery
Gambellara, Vicenza (Gambellara)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 20
From €25.00
“Natural wine is not new; it is what wine always was, and yet, somehow today it has become a rarity.”
Thumbnail Evolution Wine Tasting Experience at Menti Winery
Gambellara, Vicenza (Gambellara)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 35
From €89.00
“Evolution: a tasting of 10 glasses that introduces all our labels and places past vintages, kept in aging in the cellar, alongside them”
Thumbnail Full Range Tasting Experience at Menti Winery
Gambellara, Vicenza (Gambellara)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 35
From €24.00
“A tasting of 5 wines, including Omomorto sparkling wine from Durella grapes and one passito, a further interpretation of Garganega”

About Winery and Wines

Giovanni Menti Winery is a family-run farm producing natural wines from biodynamic agriculture with the utmost respect of the territory. 
We do it out of passion and love for a territory we are very proud of, a territory that has long been dedicated to the production of volcanic and unique wines.

Our journey started more than a century ago through 4 generations of masters who have passed on the passion for and commitment to the vine cultivation with the aim to produce an “ancient wine”.

Our goal is to convey to those around us the same principles that guide our work and to pass down the concept that you can make good wine even without the use of chemicals.

We aim for the pleasure and satisfaction deriving from growing and producing a spontaneous, integral and ecologic raw-matter obtained by applying the principles of biodynamic agriculture. We do so thanks to consultation, dialogue, and teamwork in full respect of roles, skills and personal experiences.

We aim to reach the maximum sustainability, mindful of our consumers’ health, hoping to share the principles that lead us with them.

All our wines are from biodynamic agriculture. 

Roncaie sui Lieviti - Pet-nat / fizzy wine, unfiltered, fermented and refermented with natural yeasts on the bottom part of the bottles. Natural light wine for aperitif and branches.

Riva Arsiglia - White wine from old vines, fermented with native yeasts for a year before being bottled non-filtered, with long aging. It's a dry wine, well structured for aperitif and all meals excepted red meats and strong cheeses. 

Monte del Cuca - Orange wine from garganega grape, fermented with the skins, bottled non-filtered after a year laying on its yeasts. Perfect to be paired with cheeses, fat fishes and boiled meats.

Omomorto - Sparkling wine Metodo Classico, from durella grape, a variety that presents great fragrance, freshness and acidity. The wine is a pas dosé, with a tirage of Passito must from garganega grape. Sharp and fresh, ideal wine for aperitifs and fish-based meals.

Albina - Sweet passito wine from garganega grape, well matched with dry cakes, cheeses and as meditation wine.

Vin de Granaro - Sweet balsamic wine fermented with native yeasts in small barrels for a period ranging from 6 to 10 years. The ideal wine for meditation moments or to be paired with strong cheeses as gorgonzola, bluecheese and others.


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