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Piccola cantina, ma ben curata e con...

Piccola cantina, ma ben curata e con Ottimi Vini Rossi.
Sicuramente chi passa in zona qualche bottiglia deve portarla a casa.
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About Winery and Wines

Tenuta La Viola is a family run winery at Bertinoro (Italy) home of wine and hospitality.

Wine is a passion for us; in today’s frenzied times this passion is our way to recover the right rhythm of life.

We believe that important and pleasant wines are only gained from long years of hard working and long waiting. We maintain that the quality and the character of our wines mainly come from the skills and from the history of the people who have been working with us through the years.

The aromas and the taste we get on opening a bottle of ours recall all the emotions we felt working from vine to wine.

“P.Honorii” is undoubtedly our outstanding wine, yet “Il Colombarone” is the most representative one. We produce 11,000 bottles a year of this elegant and pleasant wine, which represents the hospitality of our region.