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Thumbnail Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour at Teularju in Mamoiada
Nuoro, Nuoro
2 Hours 30 Minutes
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“The Teularju winery is located in Mamoiada, a town of 2,500 people in Barbagia. Visit their vineyards, the winery & taste 3 wines”

About Winery and Wines

Teularju winery is located in Mamoiada, central Sardinia (Italy), run by Francesco Sedilesu, his three sons, and their families. After more than twenty years of experience in the world of wine, in 2017, with the planting of the vineyard in Teularju (8 hectares), the family decided to create a new company. In 2019 they bottled the first two red wines made by the two "Ghirada" (it means Cru in the Sardinian language) Ocruarana and Caragonare. All the wines are obtained from the Teularju vineyard cultivated totally with cannonau grapes in organic, and by spontaneous fermentation.

Our philosophy is based to produce wines with a strong territorial character, therefore we carefully cultivate the vineyard to have living soil and healthy plants. In the cellar, we try to work the wine gently, without the use of adjuvants (only low quantities of sulfites), to obtain authentic and elegant wines.

We produce red wines from our vineyard, cultivated in 100% Cannonau. We vinificate singularly each plot (Cru) of the vineyard, called in Sardinia language “Ghirada”. In Teularju we have 4 Ghiradas, different in altitude, exposure, and composition of the soil. From each of those we obtain a different wine: Ghirada Ocruarana Ghirada Caragonare Ghirada Erula Ghirada Rizza From 2021, we produce a blend of different parts of the vineyard and different barrels that we called Teularju Mamojà. In the future also we will produce a native white wine made with the Granatza grape by a new vineyard implanted in 2021 in S’Anestasia.