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Thumbnail Wine and landscape experience at Vinyes dels Aspres celler
La Jonquera, Girona (Empordà)
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 10
From €20.00
“Vinyes dels Aspers winery visit with an outstanding 7 wines tasting and a landscape experience”

About Winery and Wines

The Vinyes dels Aspres winery is located in the municipality of Cantallops, the northernmost inland town of Alt Empordà, close to the Albera massif. In this region, particularly rugged and dry, are our vineyards, all of which have been owned by the family for generations.
The terrain is composed of granite and slate, very suitable for obtaining quality grapes. The combination of the land and the north wind conditions the performance of the vineyards in a very remarkable way.
The winery is located in Can Batlle, a manor house already mentioned in the 17th century, where wine, oil and corks had always been made, until in the middle of the last century, due to a lack of generational relief, it was end of these activities, maintaining only the cultivation of the vines.
At the end of the nineties, we, the heirs, decided to resume the work in the same place as our grandparents, conditioning and restoring the cellar and adapting it to current winemaking requirements.
We are sensitive to the preservation of the environment, we do not use aggressive synthetic products, neither in the management of the vineyard nor in the conservation of the wine.
We work and harvest only grapes from our property. We have the complete production cycle: from the vine to the glass.
We promote the traditional varieties most adapted to the country and at the same time with a more differentiated personality, which typify the wines and make them unique.
We use old and solvent techniques to make the wine, good wood to age it and many views, from pressing to bottling
The soil, the climate, the man and the vine produce us a grape, which, harvested at the right time, and worked with love and technique in the cellar, will generate personal wines, authentic, modern with tradition, with the essence of the country, with landscape and feeling in the bottle.
We only produce 100,000 bottles each vintage, very careful elaborations and limited production, worthy of this corner of the world that is scarce in resources and rich in essences.

We produce different wines
Young wine in rosé, white, red ORIOL 
Red and white wine with a little aging in barrels XOT
White wine in barrel BLANC DELS ASPRES
Sweet wine VI DE PANSES (Once harvested, the boxes of grapes were placed safe from the rain and dried for 59 days. later the 2538 Kg of resulting raisins were pressed as if they were fresh grapes. The must, highly concentrated in sugars, was fermented slowly during months in a stainless steel tank to obtain this particular wine liquour in a natural way. The final coefficient between the weight of the fresh and dried grapes was 23%.)
Stale wine BAC DE LES GINESTERES (Once harvested, the boxes of grapes were placed safe from the rain and let dry for 59 days. Later 1043 kg of the resulting raisins were pressed as if they were fresh grapes. The must, highly concentrated in sugars, were fermented slowly over months in a stainless steel tank, forming the particular base wine for our Bac de les Ginesteres. Once the fermentation was over, a row of 20 lts glass bottles were filled and exposed to the outside, " sun and serenity", for 50 months, growing older and evolving into our Bac de les Ginesteres.)