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Popular Places in Alberobello

Thumbnail Full Wine Experience at Masseria Torricella
Alberobello, Bari (Itria Valley)
2 Hours 30 Minutes
From €55.00
“ Guided tour of the Masseria with tasting of 6 wines and light lunch at the table.”
Thumbnail Classic Wine Experience at Masseria Torricella
Alberobello, Bari (Itria Valley)
2 Hours
From €40.00
“ Visit to the Masseria's vineyards with tasting of 4 wines, paired with local delicacies.”
Thumbnail From Vine to Glass Experience
Alberobello, Bari (Itria Valley)
4 Hours
From €87.50
“ Discover the art of winemaking as you stroll through the vineyards and cellars of Masseria Torricella.”
Thumbnail Cooking Experience: From the fields to the table
Alberobello, Bari (Itria Valley)
3 Hours
From €87.50
“ An incredible experience to discover the culinary traditions of Apulia, with tasting of 3 Masseria Torricella wines.”

More information on Alberobello

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and olive groves of Puglia, Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a charming town renowned for its iconic trulli, conical stone dwellings that evoke a fairytale-like atmosphere. Beyond its enchanting architecture, Alberobello holds a hidden gem: its thriving wine tourism scene.

Immerse yourself in the world of Alberobello's wine tourism, a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. Embark on guided wine tours through captivating vineyards, where you'll discover the secrets behind the production of renowned wines like Primitivo and Negroamaro. Explore ancient cellars hidden within the town's trulli, where generations of winemakers have crafted exceptional wines using time-honored techniques.

Participate in interactive workshops and seminars to delve into the intricacies of grape cultivation, fermentation processes, and aging techniques. Experience the thrill of harvesting grapes alongside local farmers, and savor the fruits of your labor during a delectable wine tasting session amidst the picturesque Apulian landscape.

Which food to taste in Alberobello?

Alberobello's culinary scene is a symphony of flavors, showcasing the region's fresh, seasonal ingredients and time-honored recipes. Indulge in hearty Puglian dishes like Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa (ear-shaped pasta with turnip tops) and Fave e Chicoria (fava beans and chicory), savor the freshness of seafood specialties like Polpo Arrosto (grilled octopus) and Gamberi e Friarielli (prawns with broccoli rabe), or delight in the sweet treats like Cartellate (fried pastries) and Pastiera (wheat and ricotta pie).

Experience the perfect harmony of flavors as you pair Alberobello's exquisite wines with its culinary masterpieces. Discover how the rich complexity of Primitivo complements the savory notes of a pork ragù, how the delicate acidity of Negroamaro enhances the freshness of a seafood salad, and how the sweet, honeyed flavors of Moscato complement the richness of a ricotta-filled cartellata.

Which wines to taste in Alberobello?

Alberobello's viticultural heritage is deeply rooted in the region's unique terroir, where indigenous grape varieties thrive under the Mediterranean sun. From the noble Primitivo, known for its bold tannins and rich fruit flavors, to the versatile Negroamaro, capable of producing both elegant reds and refreshing rosés, Alberobello's vineyards showcase the diversity and quality of its wines.

Discover the unique characteristics of each grape and how they express the terroir of their respective regions. Learn about the history and evolution of each grape variety, their ideal growing conditions, and their distinctive flavor profiles. Explore the nuances of Primitivo's expressions in the various zones of Salento, or delve into the intricacies of Negroamaro's terroir-driven variations in the Castel del Monte DOCG.

Which is the best season to visit Alberobello?

The optimal time to visit Alberobello's wine regions depends on your preferences and the specific events taking place in the region. Spring and autumn offer mild temperatures and pleasant weather, ideal for exploring vineyards and enjoying outdoor activities amidst the vibrant colors of changing seasons.

Summer brings the excitement of harvest time, offering a chance to witness the bustling activity in wineries and participate in traditional grape-picking festivals. Winter provides opportunities to cozy up in wine cellars and savor the warmth of local hospitality, enjoying hearty meals and indulging in the rich flavors of aged wines.

What things to do in Alberobello?

While wine tourism is a captivating journey in itself, Alberobello offers a wealth of other treasures to discover. Wander through the enchanting streets lined with trulli, marveling at their unique architecture and the stories they hold. Explore the fascinating Trulli Museum, delving into the history and cultural significance of these iconic structures.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, from witnessing traditional dances and performances to exploring the bustling artisan markets. Discover the region's rich history by visiting the Norman-Swabian Castle, a symbol of Alberobello's past.