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Thumbnail Wine experience to discover the wines of Mandrolisai
Sorgono, Nuoro (Mandrolisai)
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 10
From €25.00
“Discovering the territory and the DOC Mandrolisai wine, in the heart of Sardinia.”

More information on Mandrolisai

Mandrolisai is a wine region located in the heart of Sardinia, Italy. Known for its rugged beauty and ancient history, this area has been home to wine-making for centuries. The region is characterized by rolling hills, rocky outcroppings, and a Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal place to grow a variety of grape varieties. The area is also steeped in history, with evidence of wine production dating back to the Phoenician and Roman times. Today, the Mandrolisai region is home to a number of small, family-run wineries that produce high-quality wines that are gaining recognition both in Italy and abroad.

Mandrolisai is a wine destination for wine lovers and wine & food travelers, with a wide range of wineries to visit. The region is home to a variety of grape varieties including Cannonau, Monica and Bovale, which are used to produce a range of wines, from young and fruity to aged and complex. Many of the wineries in the region offer tours and tastings, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the winemaking process, as well as taste the wines themselves. Additionally, many of the wineries are set in beautiful locations, with panoramic views of the surrounding hills and countryside. Visitors can also participate in wine-making classes and workshops to gain a deeper understanding of the wine-making process.

Which food to taste in Mandrolisai?

Mandrolisai is also a food lover's paradise, with a rich tradition of local cuisine. The area is known for its use of fresh, local ingredients, such as seafood, meats, and cheeses, as well as a variety of herbs and spices. Sardinian cuisine is heavily influenced by the island's history, with influences from the Phoenician and Roman cultures, as well as the island's long-standing relationship with North Africa. Visitors can enjoy traditional Sardinian dishes such as Porceddu (suckling pig), Culurgiones (stuffed pasta), and Pane Carasau (crispy, thin bread).

Which wines to taste in Mandrolisai?

The main grape varieties grown in the Mandrolisai region include Cannonau, Monica, and Bovale. Cannonau is a red grape variety that is known for producing full-bodied and robust wines with a high alcohol content. Monica is a red grape variety that is known for producing wines that are smooth, fruity and easy to drink. Bovale is a red grape variety that is known for producing wines that are big, rich, and complex with a high tannin content.

Which is the best season to visit Mandrolisai?

The best time to visit Mandrolisai for wine and food is during the summer months of June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny, and the grapes are ripe for picking. Visitors can also participate in the grape harvest and see the winemaking process in action.

What things to do in Mandrolisai?

While visiting Mandrolisai, visitors can also explore the surrounding area and visit some of the famous places or attractions nearby. Some of the must-see places include: The city of Oristano, which is known for its medieval architecture and beautiful beaches. The town of Bosa, which is located on the west coast of Sardinia and is known for its colorful houses and beautiful beaches. The Nuraghe complex, which is a group of ancient stone structures that are believed to have been built between the 18th and the 3rd century BC. These structures are unique to Sardinia and provide a glimpse into the island's ancient past. The town of Santu Lussurgiu, which is known for its traditional architecture and beautiful churches. Visitors can also explore the local markets and shops to find traditional Sardinian crafts and souvenirs.

Which wineries to visit in Mandrolisai?

Here are the top wineries to visit in Mandrolisai:

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Where to do wine tastings in Mandrolisai?

Here are the best wine tastings to book in Mandrolisai:

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