Sardinia tasting

We had an entertaining hour with our host Silvano. We were educated regarding the grapes grown at the vineyard. We tasted the vermentino and a couple of aged malvasias. These were accompanied with some cheese and biscuits.
There were a few translation issues that were able to be negotiated.

Wonderful experience

It was perfect, the host Stefano was very nice and very welcoming. We learned about Sardegna’s wines, and it was delicious. We recommend 100%

Esperienza stupenda!

Ottima accoglienza e disponibilità in una location meravigliosa. Prodotti di altissima qualità e che offrono un’esperienza gustativa e olfattiva di altissimo livello.
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Thumbnail Wine tasting experience at Emidio Oggianu in the Bosa Malvasia area
Tresnuraghes, Oristano
1 Hour
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum Not Specified
From €20.00
“A small winery with a focus on product quality. A tasting of 3 wines in a homely setting that is different from the usual”

About Winery and Wines

"Certainly if we left more bunches on the vine and spent less time in the vineyard and in the cellar everything would be easier but we will certainly be less satisfied"

As entrepreneurs we know how much easier it’s to obtain a mediocre product and how much more difficult it’s to aspire to excellence. But as winemakers we know that this is our heritage.

We measure the return on investment by the enthusiasm that shines on the face of a person who tastes our Malvasia. Our philosophy can be traced back to these emotions, which truly inspire us when buying a good wine: we probably are a little vain.

The nature of the soil of Badde Nuraghe of predominantly calcareous origin with volcanic and sandstone mixtures, its particular microclimate and proximity to the sea confer, according to the production disciplinary of Malvasia di Bosa, the classification as CRU.

This is where the company and the vineyards cultivated with Malvasia di Sardegna in monoculture are located. This is where from every point of these gently sloping grounds you can enjoy a splendid view of the sea. This is where Malvasia EO is born.

In the cellar our Malvasia must age for at least forty-eight months.
Aging takes place in non-toasted oak barrels, the goal is to make a wine with its flavor and not with the flavor of the barrel, the wood is used for oxygenation and not to give perfumes.
The refinement in the bottle is also very important, the wine leaves the cellar when it is ready.

We like to receive people in the vineyard and observe their enthusiastic expressions as they taste our wine.
We like to observe the glances that our guests exchange while smelling the perfumes.
We like to share these experiences with all those who share the same passion: good wine.

Stefano, Emidio's son (the founder and inspirer of everything), or one of his collaborators will guide you through the vineyards and the cellar.

We produce Malvasia di Bosa doc, almost exclusively in the reserve version.

In unfavorable vintages to make our wine a super wine we distill it producing a fantastic brandy

We have recently started producing white IGT Planargia which is a pure Vermentino, really interesting



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