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Paduli, Benevento (Sannio)
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About Winery and Wines

“Tenuta Rossetti” is located in the middle-south part of Italy, in Campania region, on the hills of Sannio, within the territory of Paduli (BN). It is owned by Rossetti family, which owns funds in the district area since about two centuries. The history of Sannio and of Tenuta Rossetti, whose origins date back to the XVIII century, are closely related. In fact, for centuries, the Rossetti family owns land and produces its own wine, activity probably started by the Benedictine monks, as evidenced by church registers. After a long and solid experience, today, Dr. Giovanni Rossetti, with his two sons, in the tradition of their company, continues to apply research and innovation to improve the quality of their products, with the ambition to produce wines that are a point of reference in their category. The hills of Sannio represent the heart of viticulture in Campania region, being home of optimum lands for the cultivation of the vineyard. Here, there is an ideal microclimate. During the winter months, the sun warms the hills, protecting the vineyards from frost. During the summer months, soft breezes keep the vineyards cool and dry after the rain. The temperature differences between day and night help the perfect maturation of the grapes.

Our vineyards have an excellent exposure on the hills surrounding Paduli and they are grown with environmentally friendly techniques, in the most respect for the environment. Reducing the yield for plant (cutting away the grapes when they are still green) and with a careful hand-picking during the grape harvest, we get a greater selection of the grapes, the result of which is a superior wine. Thanks to an historical human experience, Tenuta Rossetti stands as a faithful interpreter of the places and of the vineyards, especially those autochthonous varieties, Aglianico and Piedirosso, strictly respecting and preserving the typicality.