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È stato tutto perfetto, dalla caccia al tartufo alla degustazione di vini e prodotti tipici. Tutto buonissimo e i proprietari simpatici e professionali. Da rifare!
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Thumbnail Truffle Hunting at Zerbosco winery
Montu Beccaria, Pavia (Oltrepò Pavese)
4 Hours
Participants: Minimum 5, Maximum Not Specified
From €55.00
“Come and discover with us the magic of truffle hunting with our expert four-legged friend!”
Thumbnail THE PHONE DOESN'T WORK: Between nature and wine
Montu Beccaria, Pavia (Oltrepò Pavese)
8 Hours
Participants: Minimum 4, Maximum 15
From €100.00
“Leave the phone and immerse yourself in nature for a day of perfect relaxation at Zerbosco winery!”
Thumbnail Mens sana in corpore sano!
Montu Beccaria, Pavia (Oltrepò Pavese)
4 Hours
Participants: Minimum 3, Maximum 15
From €40.00
“Awakening of body and senses at Zerbosco winery”

About Winery and Wines

Zerbosco was established in 2015 with the intent of enhancing the quality of the grapes cultivated in our vineyards which are located near the hamlets Zerbo and Bosco di Montù Beccaria. Inherited the vineyards from his father Angelo, Ermano has passed to his son the art of cultivating vines together with his own knowledge and traditions learned by the family and by the environment where he grew up. This precious heritage, together with Alessandro's knowledge acquired with his studies and experiences abroad, led the two of them to decide to run and manage the winery by means of a reasoned and sustainable agriculture, respecting nature and vines. The goal is to produce wines which are the highest expression of the vineyard from which they come from.

In the winery the man is the director and the vineyard the absolute protagonist. Our task is to exalt the original characters and intrinsic properties that the terroir has given the grapes throughout the season. The bunches of grapes, hand-picked in baskets, arrive in the cellar fresh and intact to preserve their natural characteristics. From this moment they undergo careful processing to respect their organoleptic qualities as much as possible, trying to extract and enhance them. Destemming and transport in tanks take place in a protected atmosphere. The grapes from each vineyard are vinified separately. We want the wines to maintain the imprint of the vineyard and the terroir from which they come. In vinification we follow a traditional protocol, limiting the interventions that subtract character from the wine, aware of the richness of the heritage we have collected; we try to provide the best conditions, without any preclusion to use innovative techniques. Aging, then, is a key period where time and the winemaker's savoir-faire come together and the wines take on body and reveal their personality and potential.