More information on Sannio

Sannio, the territory where the Samnites used to live in Italy before the ancient Roman times, today can be identified as the area surrounding the province of Benevento. In the area of Sannio, not only you’ll be able to dive into the ancient history of the Samnite people, you will also have the opportunity to follow its ancient wine roads and discover the local enology through various wine tastings and winery visits.

During your wine tastings in Sannio, you will have the chance to taste the wines that ancient historical figures like Cato and Pliny the elder used to drink and define “slightly smoky” and with an “intense resinous scent”. According to the disciplinary of Sannio DOC, its grapes must be grown on hills, where the climate is perfect for producing high-quality grapes. The white wines of this appellation are based on Falanghina and Greco, which can also be produced as sparkling following the Classic method, while red Sannio DOC is based on Sangiovese. Another important appellation produced in the area is Aglianico del Taburno D.O.C.G, which can be both red and rosé.

Which food to taste in Sannio?

While in the area of Sannio, you will be able to explore the local wine culture during your wine tastings. We also recommend exploring the local cuisine, featuring many fresh pasta dishes like cavatelli and fusilli, often served with a tomato and meat-based sauce. Other typical dishes include mugniatiello (traditional rolls made with lamb offal, garlic and parsley), roasted lamb and stuffed escaroles.

Which wines to taste in Sannio?

When visiting the wineries of Sannio, you will be able to admire the multiple wonderful vine varieties that grow in this area of Campania. The most widespread white grape varieties are Greco, Falanghina, Coda di Volpe, Fiano, Trebbiano Toscano, White Malvasia and White Moscato, while the black grape varieties include Sangiovese, Aglianico, Barbera, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso.

Which is the best season to visit Sannio?

Winery visits and wine tasting in Sannio can be organized during every season. If you’re planning to combine visits to the wineries of Sannio with other activities like sightseeing in the various historical sites found in the area, then we recommend visiting either in spring or in autumn, when the temperatures don’t go above 30°C.

What things to do in Sannio?

In between your wine tastings in Sannio, make sure to visit some of the highlights of this beautiful and history-rich territory. Some sites that deserve a visit include the villages of Cusano Mutri, Sant'Agata de' Goti, and Pietrelcina, the town of Benevento and its Arch of Trajan, Telese’s lake.