More information on Cinque Terre

The territory of Cinque Terre, which literally means “five lands” in Italian, consists of a small coastal area characterized by little villages, colorful houses, dry stone walls and terraced vineyards, all connected by scenic paths overlooking the Mediterranean sea and its crystalline waters. Here, you will be able to enjoy wine tastings in a unique landscape, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and learn more about winemaking in Liguria during your winery visits.

During your winery visits in Cinque Terre, you will learn how winemaking in this area is carried out on steep terraced slopes where no machinery can be used, making each glass of wine you’ll taste during your wine tastings very precious. Taste-wise, the proximity to the sea and wind exposure that characterize Cinque Terre’s vineyards give its wines a particular freshness and salinity.

Which food to taste in Cinque Terre?

In most cases, your wine tastings in Cinque Terre will be paired with some local specialties, such as cured meats and focaccia. While in the area, we also recommend trying some of its traditional dishes, such as chickpea farinata, trofie with pesto, fried gianchetti (whitebait), stuffed mussels.

Which wines to taste in Cinque Terre?

Your wine tastings in Cinque Terre will most likely include different types of Cinque Terre DOC, the local appellation, as well as Schiacchetrà, a local fortified wine. Both wines are made with local grape varieties. The most widespread white grape varieties in Cinque Terre are Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino.

Which is the best season to visit Cinque Terre?

Wine tastings and visits to Cinque Terre’s wineries can be organized throughout the year. If you wish to combine your tastings and wine tours with a day at the beach or a hike across Cinque Terre’s trails, then we recommend visiting during the warmer and drier months, between May and September. Visiting around October will instead allow you to admire Cinque Terre in all its gloomy autumnal charm.

What things to do in Cinque Terre?

Cinque Terre’s territory offers many activities, from winery visits to wine tours to hiking and kayaking. While here, we recommend seeing some of Cinque Terre’s most loved sites, like the villages of Monterosso and Riomaggiore, taking a walk on Sentiero Azzurro, the hiking trail that connects the five villages of Cinque Terre, or exploring the area during an e-bike or ferry tour.