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Thumbnail Discover Colli Tortonesi: visit and tasting at Cantine Colonna
Volpedo, Alessandria (Timorasso)
2 Hours 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 20
From €20.00
“Take a moment to relax and discover the elegance of the Colli Tortonesi and the decision of the local wines.”

More information on Timorasso

Timorasso is a lesser-known wine destination located in the Piedmont region of Italy. The name "Timorasso" comes from the variety of grapes used to make the wine, which is unique to this region. Historically, Timorasso wine was produced by wineries only in small quantities, and its popularity remained confined to local markets. However, in recent years, Timorasso has gained attention from wine enthusiasts and has been recognized as a prestigious wine by critics.

Timorasso is known for its boutique wineries and scenic vineyards, making it an ideal destination for wine tours. The wineries in this region offer guided tours and wine tastings, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the wine production process and sample some of the finest Timorasso wines. Some of the popular wineries to visit include La Colombera, Walter Massa, and Cascina Montagnola.

Which food to taste in Timorasso?

Timorasso wine is best paired with traditional cuisine, which features traditional Piedmontese dishes such as risotto, truffles, and veal. The region is also known for its production of cheese, particularly the Gorgonzola cheese, which pairs well with Timorasso wine and, indeed, it is often provided during wine tastings. Another must-try dish is the agnolotti, which is a type of pasta filled with meat or cheese.

Which wines to taste in Timorasso?

The Timorasso grape is the star of the show in this region. It is a white grape variety that was almost extinct until a few decades ago. Timorasso wine is characterized by its full body, intense aromas, and high acidity, which wine lovers will be able to enjoy during wine tastings. The grape is grown only in a few areas of Piedmont, mainly in the Tortona hills. The unique soil composition of this area, which includes clay and limestone, gives Timorasso wine its distinct taste and aroma.

Which is the best season to visit Timorasso?

The best time to visit Timorasso is from April to October, when the weather is mild and sunny. Wineries allow visitors to take part in the grape harvesting season, which takes place in September and October, along with the usual wine tours and wine tastings. This is a great time to learn about the wine production process and witness the traditional grape-stomping ceremony.

What things to do in Timorasso?

In addition to visiting the wineries and vineyards, and taking part in wine tastings, there are many other attractions in the region that are worth exploring. One such place is the city of Tortona, which is known for its Romanesque architecture and stunning cathedral. Another must-visit place is the medieval village of Volpedo, which is famous for its connection to the artist Pellizza da Volpedo. Visitors can also take a scenic drive through the hills and valleys of the region, stopping at small towns along the way to sample local cuisine and wine.

In conclusion, Timorasso is a hidden gem in the Piedmont region of Italy, known for its unique wine and picturesque vineyards. It is an ideal destination for wine lovers and foodies who want to experience the authentic flavors of Piedmont. With its historic towns, stunning scenery, and rich culinary traditions, Timorasso is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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