More information on Vallagarina

The hidden gem of Vallagarina (or Lagarina Valley) finds itself in the south of Trentino. In this wonderful place forgotten by time you will have the opportunity to discover the legends of its castles, explore its uncontaminated nature, visit some small and unique wineries and enjoy a tasting of local wines immersed in a fascinating fairytale landscape.

During your wine tastings in Vallagarina, you’ll be able to learn more about this wonderful landscape which has been characterized by wine and castles for centuries. Thanks to the protection of the Little Dolomites and the irrigation of the Adige river, in fact, Vallagarina boasts the perfect conditions for high-quality viticulture. While here, you’ll be able to taste both notable whites and full-bodied reds, as well as some fine Classic method sparkling wines. Overall, wines made with the indigenous Marzemino, Casetta and Enantio grapes stand out.

Which food to taste in Vallagarina?

While in Vallagarina, make sure to taste the generous local cuisine, based on simple and genuine ingredients. Between your visits to the wineries of the beautiful valley of Vallagarina, we recommend trying canederli (bread dumplings), casonzei (rye ravioli with various fillings), strangolapreti (gnocchi with spinach and cheese), and the famous apple strudel.

Which wines to taste in Vallagarina?

Your wine tastings in Vallagarina will allow you to get to know better the different local and international varieties found across the valley. Amongst the authoctonos varieties there are Enantio, Marzemino, Casetta, Nosiola and Moscato Giallo. Cabernet and Merlot are instead used to create the fine Bordeaux cuts of Trentino and obtain well-balanced blends. Common international white grape varieties are instead Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Blanc.

Which is the best season to visit Vallagarina?

The best moment to plan your visits to the wineries of Vallagarina is between May and September when the weather is warmer and there are fewer rains. Nevertheless, the suggestive territory of Vallagarina offers plenty of activities to its visitors throughout the seasons.

What things to do in Vallagarina?

A trip to Vallagarina wouldn’t be complete without getting to know its fine wines in a wine tasting. During your stay in this wonderful valley, make sure to also visit some of its pearls, such as the Hermitage of San Colombano, the castles of Rovereto, Beseno, Castellano, and Avio, the Mart (Museum of Modern Arts) in Rovereto, or the famous dinosaur footprints that can be found south of Rovereto.