More information on Trento DOC

Trento is the capital of Trentino Alto Adige, a region located in the northeast of Italy, bordering Switzerland and Austria. Trento’s area is a great destination for travelers looking to combine art, culture and nature with winery tours and wine tastings in a stunning mountainous landscape.

While in Trento, your wine tastings will, without doubt, include Trento DOC, a local appellation representing a classic method sparkling wine. Wine production around Trento is concentrated in an area of about 800 hectares, where vines are grown on steep slopes and reach 800 meters above sea level. Trento DOC can only be made following the classic method and requires a minimum period of stay on the lees of 15 months and up to 36 months for its Riserva.

Which food to taste in Trento DOC?

As often happens in borderlands, Trento’s cuisine includes many influences coming from nearby Austria, as well as some influences coming from Venetian traditions. After your wine tastings and visits to the local wineries, indulge in some of Trentino’s traditional dishes, such as canederli, spatzle, luganega sausage, carne salada, strudel.

Which wines to taste in Trento DOC?

During your time in Trento, you will visit wineries that focus on the production of sparkling wine. In fact, viticulture in Trento's area is focused on vine varieties that are suitable for the production of sparkling wine. According to its appellation, Trento DOC can contain the white grape varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, as well as the black grape varieties of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. Trento DOC is usually made using a single variety, and if necessary blended at a subsequent stage to obtain a cuvée.

Which is the best season to visit Trento DOC?

Visiting Trento during the warmer months, from April to September, will allow you to enjoy several wine tastings, winery visits and scenic hikes with pleasant temperatures and little rain. Visiting Trento in winter is instead ideal if you’d like to combine your wine trip with a skiing holiday.

What things to do in Trento DOC?

While in Trento, don’t limit yourself to discovering its winemaking traditions. Between wine tastings, we recommend visiting some of the area’s highlights, such as San Vigilio’s cathedral, Buonconsiglio’s Castle and its gardens, the MUSE Science Museum, Alpino Viote Botanical Gardens, Monte Bondone, Lake Tenno.