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More information on Gavi

Located between the Ligurian sea and Monferrato, the wine destination of Gavi offers its visitors a slow approach to tourism. In Gavi, you will be able to visit some of the area’s wineries and enjoy wine tastings surrounded by secular vineyards and old fortresses.

The area of Gavi distinguishes itself from the rest of Piedmont, where vinification is mainly focused on red wines with international fame. Your wine tastings in Gavi will focus on the area’s appellation of origin: Gavi DOCG, a white wine that can be divided into four types; Fermo (still), Frizzante (semi-sparkling), Spumante (sparkling) and Riserva.

Which food to taste in Gavi?

During your winery visits in Gavi, your wine tastings will consist of a selection of Gavi wines, often paired with some local cheeses and cured meats or a light lunch. While here, we also recommend trying some of Piedmont’s iconic dishes, famous across Italy and abroad, such as bollito misto, vitello tonnato, bagnet verd and tajarin.

Which wines to taste in Gavi?

When visiting the wineries producing Gavi DOCG, you will come across one single grape variety, Cortese. The wine produced with this variety is characterized by a pale straw color with greenish reflections and an elegant and fresh aroma. During your wine tastings in Gavi, you will experience how the fresh notes of white flowers and fresh fruit typical of Gavi turn into more complex aromas in the Riserva type, thanks to the acquisition of tertiary aromas during aging.

Which is the best season to visit Gavi?

The best period to visit Gavi is between May and October when you will be able to enjoy wine tastings, wine tours, and activities like picnics in the vineyards while the sun is shining and the weather is pleasant.

What things to do in Gavi?

The territory surrounding Gavi offers many activities besides wine tastings and visits to wineries. While here, we recommend visiting some of the area’s historical sites, such as Gavi’s Fort and San Giacomo’s church, or organizing a truffle hunt or bike tour through the vineyards.