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Vini La Quercia - Società Agricola, Azienda AgricolaThe farm is run by four friends who became colleagues by chance in the late 80s. Elisabetta started her career in the administration department of a big winery where Antonio and Luca were already engaged as, respectively, oenologist and sales manager. A few years later Fabio was hired as cellar man in the same company. They worked together until 2000, when they decided to take the big step and took over a small winery called La Quercia, with whose owner they had already cooperated as consultants. La Quercia is a small winery stretching for about 12 hectares in vineyards and 3 in olive tree groves. It also has oenological plants for 400 square meters, with a productive capacity of around 4000 hl of wine. The activity of the company is eager to respect nature and environment in order to attain good and healthy products. During cultivation and processing, treatments are decreased to the minimum in order to let you find a reflection of the place of origin and its peculiarities in your glass. Cultivation and processing are based on high quality and the small details able to give relevance to the vine variety, the land where it grew up and the atmospheric phenomena that characterised the year. Quercia means Oak tree which beyond being a beautiful and majestic tree is also a symbol for its strength and genuineness. It took a little sacrifice to the four partners to set in such a crowded and keen market, but in the end constant work and commitment paid back: the first awards came as soon as they presented their first production at the most important Italian wine fair, Vinitaly, then La Quercia started to have its wines and oil listed in the main food & beverage guides and in the best Italian restaurants and shops menu. From 2005 La Quercia hit the international market: USA, middle and northern Europe, Japan, China and lately Canada (not to speak of a very challenging project about a chain of restaurants branded “La Quercia”).
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Cerulli SpinozziFormed out of the merger of two properties – that of the Spinozzi family of feudal origins and that of the Cerulli Irelli family, traditionally merchants – the Cerulli Spinozzi agricultural estate as it is today dates from the beginning of the 1900’s. The current winery was built in 2003 by the brothers Francesco and Vincenzo Cerulli Irelli. Vincenzo is a lawyer and professor of Administrative Law at the Sapienza University of Rome, and Francesco the former president of the winery Casal Thaulero, as well as an Italian motor racing champion of 1972. Today the winery is run by Enrico, Vincenzo’s son, who has a very clear project: that of enhancing the value of the historic estate by replanting vines, aiming to produce more prestigious wines as well as maintaining and nurturing some thirty-year old vines with relatively low yields, but of very high quality. In short, a modern approach but in keeping with tradition. The vineyards – 35 acres in the town of Canzano and 18 in Mosciano – are located in areas of the alluvial valley once crossed by the Vomano river. They are all south / south -east facing, which particularly favors the ripening of Montepulciano grapes, which is a late variety. The cultivation of the vines is partly through the traditional marquees, and partly the more modern style of rows: in the last fifteen years, the company has initiated a program of replanting aimed towards favoring a high investment of plants per hectare, passing from 1000 to 4000. The predominant grape variety is Montepulciano, followed by Trebbiano, Pecorino, Sangiovese and Chardonnay. The harvesting of the grapes, which is all done strictly by hand, takes place during the last week of August for the Chardonnay and Pecorino and the first week of October for the Montepulciano. For over twenty years the company has followed organic farming methods: only organic fertilizers are used, whilst copper and sulfur salts are employed as pesticides. The various forms of mold are controlled
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