More information on Chianti Rufina

Chianti Rufina is one of the smallest sub-areas of Chianti. The area takes the name from Rufina, a small town about 30 kilometers northeast of Florence, and is mostly known for its countryside hills dotted with vineyards, whose berries are used to produce Chianti Rufina DOCG.

During your wine tastings in the territory of Chianti Rufina, you will have the chance to taste the area’s DOCG appellation, as well as other local wines and products like cured meats and cheeses. The area of Chianti Rufina distinguishes itself for the production of high-quality red wines since the eighteenth century, when the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III, classified Chianti Rufina wines among the four best wines produced in Tuscany.

Which food to taste in Chianti Rufina?

While in Chianti Rufina, you will have the opportunity to visit different wineries and dive into their winemaking tradition and techniques. At times, your wine tastings can be paired with activities such as cooking classes or wine tours, where you can discover the traditional cuisine of the area and taste some typical dishes, such as pappardelle with meat ragù, trippa or ribollita.

Which wines to taste in Chianti Rufina?

During your visits to the wineries of Chianti Rufina, you will learn how a small number of producers (about 20 in total) were able to build a worldwide reputation thanks to the uniqueness of their wine and terroir. According to its disciplinary, Chianti Rufina DOCG must contain a minimum of 70% of Sangiovese grapes, to which other varieties can be added, and is characterized by a garnet red color and a slightly tannic, elegant feel.

Which is the best season to visit Chianti Rufina?

The best time to organize a wine tasting or a weekend in Chianti Rufina and visit its wineries is between spring and autumn. During this period the days are longer and sunnier, and various local festivals take place in the neighboring towns.

What things to do in Chianti Rufina?

Besides wine tastings and winery visits, don’t miss out on some of the highlights that Chianti Rufina’s territory has to offer, like Pontassieve, Londa, Pelago and its Sieve bridge, and some of the enchanting castles found in the area, such as Sammezzano’s Castle.