More information on Cilento

The stunning territory of Cilento represents a great destination for wine lovers looking for some unforgettable wine tasting in scenic locations. Located in the southern part of Campania, Cilento is in fact most famous for its white beaches with crystalline waters, breathtaking cliffs, archeological sites and picturesque fishing villages.

Over the course of your time in Cilento, you will have the opportunity to discover the local wine appellation during different wine tastings and winery tours. The Cilento DOC appellation includes white, rosé and red wines, as well as the types Aglianico and Fiano. The grapes used to produce Cilento DOC come from the southern coastal hills of the province, kissed by the sun and lulled by the sea breeze.

Which food to taste in Cilento?

Your wine tastings in Cilento will often be accompanied by a selection of products from the territory, for example, some fresh mozzarella cheese and local cold cuts. While here, we suggest you also explore the mouthwatering cuisine of Cilento, boasting dishes such as cavatelli with ragù, lagane e ceci (pasta with chickpeas), marinated anchovies, stuffed eggplants and salted codfish with potatoes, olives and tomatoes.

Which wines to taste in Cilento?

During your visits to the wineries of Cilento, you will be able to admire different grape varieties that are typical of Campania. The grape varieties used to produce white Cilento DOC include Fiano, Greco, White Malvasia and Trebbiano Toscano, while the grape varieties allowed in the production of red Cilento DOC are Aglianico, Piedirosso, Primitivo and Sangiovese.

Which is the best season to visit Cilento?

The best period to visit Cilento for a wine tasting or a tour of its wineries is between spring and autumn. While the area is a popular sea destination over the summer months, during the less crowded months the territory of Cilento offers a great number of alternative activities, from hikes to wine tours, and excursions to its various attractions.

What things to do in Cilento?

Besides visiting the wineries of Cilento for a wine tasting, while in the area we recommend visiting at least a few of its many highlights, such as the National Park of Cilento, Paestum and its ancient Greek ruins, Castellabate, Punta Licosa, Capo Palinuro and its caves.