• Experience
  • Price
  • Duration

A journey to discover the secrets contained in your glass of wine at Calatroni

2 Hours
From €10.00
“Guided tour and wine tasting experience at Calatroni winery.”

Taste the bonarda of OltrePò Pavese at Finigeto

1 Hour
From €12.00
“A great experience to discover the secrets of the famous Bonarda”

Wine tasting experience at Azienda Agricola La Piotta

2 Hours
From €15.00
“In 1985 GrandPa Luigi started La Piotta Winery, a beautiful story you will discover with this wine tasting experience!”

Le Fracce Estate: tasting among history, nature and wine

2 Hours
From €18.00
“Taste the beauties of our reality through a multi-sensory journey tasting 2 of our wines”

The feminine side to the Oltrepò Pavese

2 Hours
From €20.00
“Get to know the story of sisters Elisa & Silvia: thru Lefiole wines they have brought to life the dreams of a family of the Oltrepò Pavese”

Guided tour and wine tasting experience at Tenuta Mazzolino

2 Hours
From €20.00
“Join us at Tenuta Mazzolino and discover the high quality of our wines and vineyards nestled among the splendid hills of Oltrepò Pavese”

Wine tasting experience at Laghi d'Insubria Winery close to Varese

1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €22.00
“"For us, wine is a journey that tells the values of a culture and its territory"”

Shades of Pinot noir at Finigeto

1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €24.00
“The famous Pinot noir tasted in 4 different varieties at Finigeto winery in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese”

Le Fracce Estate multisensorial experience

2 Hours 30 Minutes
From €24.00
“Enjoy the visit to the beautiful Le Fracce Estate and taste 3 wines”

Bricco dei Roncotti wine tour & tasting

2 Hours
From €24.00
“Wine tasting experience at the steepest vineyard of the Lombardy Region”

Pinot Nero: the wine experience at Tenuta Travaglino

1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €25.00
“Be like a winemaker here at Tenuta Travaglino: visit its historic cellars and taste some of the best DOCG wines of this area!”

Young Winemakers grow at Zerbosco winery

4 Hours
From €35.00
“Learn art and set it aside, an event dedicated to children and teens ages 2-15!”

Truffle Hunting at Zerbosco winery

4 Hours
From €40.00
“Come and discover with us the magic of truffle hunting with our expert four-legged friend!”

Mens sana in corpore sano!

4 Hours
From €40.00
“Awakening of body and senses at Zerbosco winery”

Finigeto experience at Oltrepò Pavese

2 Hours
From €47.00
“A complete and immersive experience at Finigeto winery!”

THE PHONE DOESN'T WORK: Between nature and wine

8 Hours
From €100.00
“Leave the phone and immerse yourself in nature for a day of perfect relaxation at Zerbosco winery!”