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Thumbnail Get to know a heroic vineyard with sunset tasting at Ceramida
Bagnara Calabra, Reggio Calabria
3 Hours
From €25.00
“Excursion to a vineyard on ancient dry-stone terraces, description of cultivation systems, on-site tasting of wines produced”
Thumbnail Wine Tasting Experience discovering Antica Balbia at Farneto del Principe
Altomonte, Cosenza
2 Hours 30 Minutes
From €35.00
“A sensory journey between past and present to discover the territory of Antica Balbia with wine tasting at Farneto del Principe.”
Thumbnail Sunset picnic and vineyard experience at the Malaspina Winery
Melito di Porto Salvo, Reggio Calabria
3 Hours
From €42.00
“A special moment, sitting among the vines, enjoying a picnic basket and a bottle of Pellero IGP red wine, in front of a breathtaking view”
Thumbnail Wine Experience in the Pollino National Park at Viola Winery
Saracena, Cosenza
3 Hours
From €55.00
“Cantine Viola was born with the purpose of valorizing and promoting the Moscato passito di Saracena.”
Thumbnail Wine Tasting & Tour Experience at Senatore Wines in Cirò Marina
Ciro, Crotone
2 Hours
From €25.00
“An informative experience for both amateurs and specialized audiences, ending with a tasting of a fine selection of five wines”
Thumbnail Wine Tasting Experience at Tenuta Dioscuri
Bianco, Reggio Calabria
From €7.00
Thumbnail Wine Tasting Experience at the Malaspina Winery
Melito di Porto Salvo, Reggio Calabria
1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €18.00
“A special moment, tasting two glasses of wine from the Malaspina winery with a platter of typical products like cheese and cold cuts”
Thumbnail Wine & Food Experience in E-bike on Mount Sila
Spezzano della Sila, Cosenza
5 Hours
From €75.00
“Immerse yourself in the culture of the mountains, their products and people, at a slow and leisurely pace to fully enjoy a relaxing day”
Thumbnail Buffet-style dinner & Wine Tasting at sunset in Tropea's countryside
Drapia, Vibo Valentia
3 Hours
From €59.00
“Walk amongst the vineyards and enjoy a delicious buffet with local delicacies while tasting local wines & admiring the sunset”
Thumbnail Visit and Taste at Tenute Pacelli
Roggiano Gravina, Cosenza
1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €30.00
“Red wines are our strength, organic is our ethic, the experimenting is our uniqueness, hospitality our mission”
Thumbnail Vineyard tasting at Artese winery
Vibo Valentia, Vibo Valentia
1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €20.00
“We will let you taste our wines overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can sample some of the winery's most important labels!”
Thumbnail Wine tasting at Cantina Rizzo in the heart of Calabria
Castrovillari, Cosenza
2 Hours
From €15.00
“Come and discover the rarest wine of Calabria! Enjoy a special tour at Cantina Rizzo”
Thumbnail Learn the Secrets of Calabrian Cooking in Tropea's countryside
Drapia, Vibo Valentia
4 Hours
From €80.00
“Learn how to prepare classic starters, main courses, and side dishes from the local tradition & then enjoy your meal with local wines!”
Thumbnail Calabria wine tasting at Celimarro Winery
Castrovillari, Cosenza
1 Hour
From €22.90
“Come & discover the native wines of Calabria, Tenuta Celimarro is waiting for you to taste Magliocco, Greco Bianco and Mantonico!”
Thumbnail Wine tasting & Discovery at Nesci Winery
Palizzi, Reggio Calabria
3 Hours
From €20.00
“The Nesci company is waiting for you! In a unique setting, overlooking the sea, come and taste our products. You'll come back!”
Thumbnail Natura non facit saltus. Eleuteria, a surprising natural wine
Lappano, Cosenza
2 Hours
From €17.00
“Discover the Nerello mascalese variety with a special, familiar and informative wine tour at Tenuta del Travale”
Thumbnail Cirò excellent wines - a journey and wine tasting at Caparra & Siciliani
Ciro Marina, Crotone
2 Hours
From €12.00
“Working the ground is like having to do with a mosaic; the set and single cards have the same value!”

More information on Calabria

Located in southern Italy, Calabria is a region rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. Its gentle climate, turquoise waters and wild landscapes, combined with the intense and genuine flavors of its wines and its cuisine, make Calabria a great destination for your next wine tastings.

During your winery visits in Calabria, you will learn how winemaking is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of its territory, to the point that Calabrian wines were even given as prizes to the winners of the first Olympic games that took place during the Greek empire. In more modern times, Calabrian wines were deemed as blending wines due to their intense color and high alcohol percentage, but in the last few years, thanks to the dedication of many local winemakers, the quality of Calabrian wines has increased substantially. Nowadays, Calabria boasts 10 DOC and 10 IGT wines.

Which food to taste in Calabria?

The wine tastings you’ll take part in while in Calabria will give you an idea of the intense flavors of the products of this land. Calabrian cuisine is just as rich: during your stay in this region, make sure to try at least a few of its most traditional dishes, such as sardella (a sort of spreadable fish and chili paste), peperonata, pipi chini (stuffed bell peppers), vrasciole (meatballs with eggplant), morzello (veal offal stew), pasta ca’ muddica (pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs), and the iconic ‘nduja, a spicy spreadable pork sausage.

Which wines to taste in Calabria?

While visiting the wineries of Calabria you will mainly come across native grape varieties. About 80 per cent of the total region’s production is made up of black grape varieties, of which the most widespread types are Gaglioppo, Calabrese (Nero d’Avola), Magliocco Canino, Nerello Cappuccio and Greco Nero. The white grape varieties of Calabria instead include Greco Bianco, Trebbiano Toscano, Montonico and Guernaccia.

Which is the best season to visit Calabria?

Wine tastings and visits to the wineries of Calabria can be planned throughout every season, as the region enjoys a pleasantly warm Mediterranean climate. Visiting Calabria in summer will allow you to enjoy its sandy beaches, while in spring and autumn the temperatures are perfect for long walks on the beach, hikes and other outdoor activities.

What things to do in Calabria?

The wild and fascinating territory of Calabria offers many activities besides visiting its wineries to enjoy some insightful wine tastings. While here, make sure to visit a least a few of Calabria’s most important natural and artistic sites, like the town of Stilo and its Cattolica church, San Nicola Arcella and its secluded bay, the small town of Tropea, the Natural Parks of Sila and Pollino, the Archaeological Park of Scolacium, the suggestive ghost town of Pentedattilo.