More information on Cannonau

Cannonau is a wine appellation produced throughout the wild and green territory of Sardinia, the second largest island of the Mediterranean sea. If you’re on the hunt for a wine destination where you can enjoy unforgettable winery visits while admiring breathtaking views of the crystalline water of the Mediterranean, then a Cannonau wine tasting is probably what you’re looking for.

Your Cannonau wine tastings will most likely include various types of wine, as the appellation not only includes red wines, but also rosé and fortified wines. Probably the best examples of Cannonau di Sardegna are the ones produced in the southern and eastern parts of the island, in the provinces of Nuoro and South Sardinia. Within these provinces, three subareas have been officially recognized as production areas for Cannonau wines of a particular quality: Nepente di Oliena (or Oliena), Capo Ferrato, and Jerzu. Wines from the oldest area, the province of Nuoro, bear the mention Classico.

Which food to taste in Cannonau?

Within the territory of Cannonau you will find various wineries that you can visit for a Cannonau tasting. During your time in Sardinia, make sure to dedicate some of your time to discover its traditional cuisine as well. Some of the dishes we recommend trying culurgiones (a sort of ravioli), malloreddus (a typical pasta), fregola with seafood, Porceddu (the traditional roasted suckling pig), carasau bread.

Which wines to taste in Cannonau?

During your winery visits in Sardinia, you will have the opportunity to get to know better the wonderful variety of Cannonau, from which the appellation Cannonau di Sardegna takes its name, also known as Grenache in France. Cannonau is quite sturdy, its yield is not particularly high but it has good adaptability, which explains its spreading in very different areas of the island. Cannonau wines are characterized by a ruby red color, tending toward orange with aging, a relatively high sugar level and modest acidity.

Which is the best season to visit Cannonau?

Cannonau wine tastings can be enjoyed during every season, just like the island of Sardinia. While it is most crowded during the summer months, when its sandy beaches with crystalline waters are packed with tourists, spring and autumn in Sardinia are quite pleasant as well, thanks to their milder temperatures.

What things to do in Cannonau?

Besides Cannonau wine tastings, the wonderful island of Sardinia has a myriad of natural and artistic treasures that you should visit at least once in your lifetime, such as Neptune’s grotto, the Gulf of Orosei and its Bue Marino cave, the Nuraghi Valley and its archeological remains, the Maddalena Archipelago.