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Popular Places in Emilia-Romagna

Popular Destinations in Emilia-Romagna

Thumbnail Full-day Emilia Food & Wine Tour: Parmesan, Lambrusco, Balsamic Vinegar, Ferrari Museum from Bologna
Bologna, Bologna (Lambrusco, Food Valley)
10 Hours
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 8
From €215.00
“See the production of Parmigiano, learn about Lambrusco wine, explore the Ferrari Museum, visit a balsamic vinegar factory, and more!”
Thumbnail Full-day Food & Wine Tour discovering Emilia Romagna's gems from Parma
Parma, Parma (Lambrusco, Food Valley)
8 Hours
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum Not Specified
From €175.00
“Visit a Parmigiano factory, learn the secrets of Prosciutto di Parma, and tour a typical Lambrusco winery on this full-day tour!”
Thumbnail Wine Tour in the Vineyards of Lambrusco from Parma
Parma, Parma (Lambrusco)
3 Hours
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum Not Specified
From €69.00
“Explore the beautiful Lambrusco wine region with this 3-hour wine tour and visit a local winery for a tasting of Lambrusco & local products”

More information on Lambrusco

The territory enclosed between the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma and Modena is known also as the lands of Lambrusco. In this area, which overlaps partly with the famous ‘food valley’ of Italy, you’ll have the opportunity to discover some of the most authentic Italian flavors during some unique wine tastings, food tours and visits to the local restaurants and wineries.

During your winery visits in the Lambrusco area you will be able to taste a wide variety of Lambrusco wines. In total, there are 7 Lambrusco DOCs, some of which include different subtypes. The most famous ones are the ones from Modena and Reggio Emilia, and overall, they are characterized by a low alcohol percentage, a good balance between sweetness and tartness, and marked fruity notes. What used to be a peasant wine, made by bottling pressed grapes with their skins and some residual sugar to allow a second fermentation in the bottle, is now a wine famous for its pleasantness and easy drinking.

Which food to taste in Lambrusco?

When visiting wineries for a Lambrusco wine tasting, you will often be offered a traditional selection of cold cuts with gnocco fritto (leavened fried dough), with which Lambrusco pairs perfectly. While in this part of Emilia Romagna, you will also have a great array of delicious traditional Italian recipes and top-quality products available to taste: think of tagliatelle al ragù, tortellini, lasagne, but also Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, Mortadella di Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano.

Which wines to taste in Lambrusco?

Depending on the area, your Lambrusco wine tastings will include wines made with different varieties of Lambrusco, which can be considered more like a family of vines. The most famous Lambrusco varieties include  Lambrusco Grasparossa, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Salamino, Lambrusco Marani and Lambrusco Maestri.

Which is the best season to visit Lambrusco?

The best seasons to plan your Lambrusco wine tastings in are either late spring or early autumn, even though they can be organized all year long. If you’re planning to visit the main cities of the area, keep in mind that temperatures in summer can reach above 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

What things to do in Lambrusco?

Besides organizing a tasting of thirst-quenching Lambrusco, while in this part of Emilia Romagna you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from. Book a Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale or Parmigiano Reggiano tasting, or explore the cities of Modena, Parma, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, the Masone Labyrinth, the medieval village of Castell’Arquato.