More information on Vesuvio

If you like the idea of combining wine tastings, winery visits and a trip to Europe’s only active volcano located on the mainland, then Vesuvius is the right destination for you. Mount Vesuvius, located in the Italian region of Campania, dominates the gulf of Naples and is considered by many the city’s symbol. Its most famous eruption, dating back to 79AD, caused the destruction of Pompeii. Nowadays, the territory around Vesuvius is a national park characterized by thriving vegetation, including various local varieties of vines.

During your wine tastings around Mount Vesuvius, you will have the chance to discover the wide variety of wines produced in the territory, protected under the designation of Vesuvio DOC. The volcanic soil that characterizes the area gives Vesuvius’ wines some pleasant mineral and at times smokey aromas. Vesuvio DOC wines include white, red, rosé, sparkling and fortified wines. Furthermore, wines whose alcohol content is 1 to 1.5% higher than the basic qualification of Vesuvio DOC get the name of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio, a name that has given rise to several myths over time.

Which food to taste in Vesuvio?

Mount Vesuvius is located in the Gulf of Naples, just a stone’s throw from Naples itself. This means that, during your time in the Vesuvius area, you will have the chance to combine wine tastings and winery visits with some proper food feasts. A visit to this area wouldn’t be complete without trying some of Naple’s most iconic dishes, such as Neapolitan pizza, cuoppo di mare, pasta from Gragnano with Genovese sauce, pasta patate e provola, zucchine alla scapece, parmigiana di melanzane, impepata di cozze.

Which wines to taste in Vesuvio?

Your wine tastings around Vesuvius will include many local grape varieties. Both the white and fortified versions of Vesuvio DOC are made with Coda di Volpe and/or Verdeca (35-80%), as well as 20% of Falanghina or Greco grapes. Rosé and red Vesuvio DOC instead are made with Piedirosso and/or Sciascinoso (at least 80%) and Aglianico (for the remaining 20%).

Which is the best season to visit Vesuvio?

The best moments to visit Mount Vesuvius to enjoy some wine tastings with a view and visit some of its local wineries are either spring or autumn. Visiting in these periods will allow you to enjoy wine tours and hikes around the national park without suffering from excessive heat.

What things to do in Vesuvio?

Besides visiting its wineries and exploring the various nuances of Vesuvio DOC during your wine tastings, Vesuvius' territory has plenty of activities to offer. Some of the area’s highlights that are worth visiting are Pompeii and its ruins, Ercolano, Naples and its old town, Sorrento, the Amalfi coast.