“ Wine tasting experience at the steepest vineyard of the Lombardy Region ”
From: €24.00
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Duration: 2 Hours
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Here is what you will live

Are you looking for a unique and sustainable winery, that reflects what nature can produce each year, with different wine shades depending on climate? Welcome, you are in the right place!

The farm is located in southern Lombardy, Italy, in the village of Canneto Pavese (PV), and was founded in 1997 by William Colombo and his family. All the vineyards of the farm sit on the slopes of a hill, hystorically named Bricco dei Roncotti (the word "bricco" means very steep).  High quality of a wine born in the vineyard and Bricco dei Roncotti for exposure, soil and slope is ideal for a perfect ripening of the grapes. Each season influence the characteristics of the final product and the wine results different every year, according to climate.

With this wine tour you'll have the chance to

  • Visit the "heroic" vineyard with the explanation of special natural techniques
  • Visit the winery with explanation of wine processes 
  • Taste 4 wines 
  • Pair wines with some snacks and cold cuts  cheese

From Malvasia to Riesling, from Bonarda to Nebbiolo, you'll be able to discover a great variety of high quality wines!

How to reach us

40 minutes south of Pavia, 30 from Voghera and 50 from Piacenza

Booking Policy & Details

Min. 2 persons

How much does it costs?

4 wines (2 still and 2 sparkling) - 24 €
4 still wines: 29 € per person


  • Greetings by the wine hospitality manager
  • Walking through the vineyards
  • Wine tasting according the the option chosen


  • Transfers


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