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Carlo Pellegrino & C. SPA - Ouverture PellegrinoThe history of Marsala wines meets the one of Pellegrino. In 1880 the winery began to vinify the famous Sicilian wines for selling them all over the world. Until today in their historical cellars they refine different Marsala wines in more than thousand barriques and oak barrels for several years. The Pellegrino family has always personally managed the activities in the vineyard and in the cellars, and even today, in the seventh generation they one daily involved in the business management. The family has a long history, wich is based on respect, care, love and dedication of values handed down from father to son; and today it makes the family to one of the most important ones of Sicilian wines. Reaching Marsala, the modern showroom of the winery, called Ouverture, from there you enter into the heart of the Pellegrino winery; a place of hospitality and it is also the entrance to the history of Marsala wines. Here the Pellegrino family welcomes tourists and wine lovers to spread out the culture and knowledge of Marsala and its wines. La storia della Pellegrino è collegata a quella del vino Marsala. Nel 1880 la cantina inizia infatti a vinificare il famoso vino siciliano per commercializzarlo in tutto il mondo. Ancora oggi nelle proprie cantine storiche, in oltre mille barrique e botti in legno di rovere, affinano per lunghi anni le differenti tipologie di Marsala. La famiglia Pellegrino ha sempre gestito personalmente le attività in vigna e in cantina, e ancora oggi, la settima generazione, è quotidianamente coinvolta nella gestione aziendale. Una lunga storia di famiglia fatta di rispetto, cura, amore e dedizione, di valori tramandati da padre in figlio, che oggi la rendono una delle più grandi famiglie del vino siciliano. Quando si giunge a Marsala, dalla moderna enoteca della cantina, denominata Ouverture, si accede al cuore della Pellegrino, luogo di ospitalità, porta d’ingresso verso la storia del vino marsalese.
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Donna FrancaBaglio Donna Franca is the heart of sicilian vineyards, the symbol of our project to rediscover and enhance our history and culture. The term baglio comes from the Arabic "bahal", which means courtyard and refers to original architectural expressions articulated around a tower with specific defensive needs. The structure is an oasis of peace between vast expanses of vineyards. Originally belonged to the Florio family, the Baglio is now home to an exclusive Wine Resort equipped with various types of rooms, a restaurant, a beautiful swimming pool among the vineyards and an impressive cellar The winery is led by the owner himself, Giacomo Ansaldi that is not only a well-known enologist, but also a researcher of the Sicilian history in winemaking and of the Sicilian identity. He's the person that takes care of the vineyards employed for the production of three organic wines. Baglio Donnafranca's refined winery is the part of the building where the bottling and wine tasting can be experienced in the same environment. This is the “heart” of the Relais, where guests can admire the modern and efficient machinery as well as the wine cellar where the oak barrels reside. The philosophy of the production process is to respect the “terroir” and the intrinsic characteristics of the grapes. What sets the wines apart is that they are not defined by a specific variety, but related to the uniqueness of the place where they are cultivated: the final result of a complex wine experience lived to the fullest. The Ansaldi Winery is a fine example of the importance and long history of the territory’s tradition of winemaking. Visiting the winery is equivalent to taking a voyage through a true museum of wine. Visiting wine lovers can enjoy wine tours to discover the cultural values of the territory, wine tastings of organic wines, including the special Perpetuo wine, participate in Sicilian cooking classes and food pairings.
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