More information on Valdichiana

The Valdichiana, or Chiana Valley, is located in Tuscany, between the provinces of Siena and Arezzo. Scattered across this valley, stretching from north to south for about 100 kilometers, you will find fascinating medieval villages, secular vineyards, grazing lands and, needless to say, several beautiful wineries that you can visit for a wine tasting.

During your wine tastings in Valdichiana, you will be able to taste both high-quality red and white wines. Winemaking in fact is deeply rooted in the traditions of this area, where already the Etruscans produced fine wine centuries ago. While some northern parts of the valley are still included in the Chianti production area, in the remaining part of Valdichiana the majority of wine produced falls under the appellation of Valdichiana Toscana DOC, which includes white, red, rosé, sparkling and passito (raisin) wines.

Which food to taste in Valdichiana?

Your wine tastings in Valdichiana will give you the opportunity to discover some of the lesser-known wines of Tuscany. During your time in this area, make sure to explore the local cuisine as well, rich in traditional dishes that tell the story of this territory. Some must-tries are ribollita (Tuscan vegetable soup), pappa al pomodoro (a tomato and bread-based soup), pici all’aglione (pici pasta with a garlicky tomato sauce made with a specific garlic variety grown in Valdichiana) and Chianina steak.

Which wines to taste in Valdichiana?

When visiting the wineries of Valdichiana you will come across various grape varieties. The local white grape varieties include Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia Bianca and Grechetto, while the international varieties include Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. As for the black grape varieties, the most widespread is Sangiovese, used as a base for Valdichiana Toscana red and rosé wines, while other local varieties such as Canaiolo Nero, used for blending, are also found.

Which is the best season to visit Valdichiana?

The best seasons to plan your wine tastings and winery visits in Valdichiana are either spring, when nature starts blooming and the days get longer, or autumn, when the hills of Valdichiana get tinged in autumnal colors. During summer, you can escape from the heat on the higher hills surrounding the valley.

What things to do in Valdichiana?

In Valdichiana, you will be able to enjoy various interesting wine tasting and winery visits. While in the area, make sure to stop and admire some of its most important sites, such as the city of Arezzo and its historical center, the town of Cortona, or the fascinating villages of Foiano della Chiana, Monte San Savino and Castiglion Fiorentino.