More information on Irpinia

Located in the province of Avellino, Irpinia is a great destination for wine lovers looking for wine tastings and wineries to visit in the heart of Campania. Within the wine area of Irpinia, characterized by gentle hills and forests of beech and oak, you will be able to wander around some fascinating medieval villages and castles, visit various archeological and natural sites, and, of course, discover some of the best wines of this region.

Your wine tastings in Iripinia will give you the opportunity to discover the many nuances of the wines produced in this area, many of which are internationally renowned. The area of Irpinia, in fact, is not only recognized as a Designation of Origin (DOC) since 2005, but also boasts three important DOCG wines: Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and Fiano di Avellino. The DOC of Irpinia includes white, rosé, red, sparkling and passito (raisin) wines.

Which food to taste in Irpinia?

In between your wine tastings in Irpinia, make sure to try the local cuisine, featuring many fresh pasta dishes and products of this land. Some remarkable dishes you shouldn’t miss out on when in the area of Avellino are maccaronara with Bagnoli’s black truffle, baccalà alla pertecaregna (salted codfish with Crusco peppers and olive oil), fusilli al tegamino (baked fusilli with meat ragù and mozzarella), lagane e ceci (pasta with chickpeas).

Which wines to taste in Irpinia?

During your winery visits in Iripina, you will encounter different ancient varieties of vines that are characteristic of this territory. The white grape varieties Greco and Fiano, together with the black grape variety Aglianico, are without doubt the pride of Irpinia. Other important varieties found in this area are Coda di Volpe, Falanghina, Pedirosso and Sciascinoso.

Which is the best season to visit Irpinia?

Wine tastings and winery visits in Irpinia can be organized throughout every season. During summer, several festivals take place in the villages of the area, while during autumn, the harvest season, the hills of Irpinia offer some very suggestive sceneries. Finally, spring is the perfect season for wine lovers who want to take part in various outdoor activities.

What things to do in Irpinia?

While in Irpinia, you will have the chance to visit its wineries and enjoy various unique wine tastings. We also recommend you check out some of the area’s highlights, such as the castle of Monteverde, San Vito’s secular oak tree, Borgo Castello, Principi Biondi’s castle, the WWF oases of Lake Conza and Valle della Caccia.