More information on Soave

Soave is an appellation and wine area located in the province of Verona, beneath the Lessini mountains. In this territory, corresponding to one of the Italian viticultural areas with the highest density of vine cultivation, you will have the opportunity to discover Soave DOC during various wine tastings and wine tours on the hills of Romeo and Juliet.

During your winery visits in the Soave area, you will learn that the uniqueness of its wine is a result of the basaltic tufaceous soils of volcanic origin that are found across its hills. The volcanic soils give to Soave an excellent intensity and fullness of taste, while the characteristic aromas of Soave include floral, fruity and spicy notes, with hints of almond and cherry. First recognized as DOC in 1968, today the wines included in the disciplinary are Soave DOC, Soave Classico DOC, Soave Superiore DOCG, and Recioto di Soave DOCG, forming a quality pyramid with important geographic distinctions.

Which food to taste in Soave?

Your wine tastings in the wine area of Soave, which will often include a platter of local delicacies like cheeses and charcuterie, will surely get your stomach ready for a proper meal. Some of the specialties originating from the area of Verona that we recommend tasting while here include bigoli con le sarde (pasta with sardines), risotto al tastasal, bollito con la pearà (boiled meat with bread sauce), and pastissada de caval (braised horse meat).

Which wines to taste in Soave?

The main grape variety you will come across when visiting the wineries that produce Soave is Garganega, which finds its perfect habitat in the volcanic soils of the area. This white grape variety is characterized by scents of almond and white flowers and an interesting balance of acidity and sugars. Trebbiano di Soave is also used in the vinification of Soave to support the sapidity and vivacity of Garganega. Finally, the international variety Chardonnay can also be used in the production of Soave.

Which is the best season to visit Soave?

Wine tastings in the area of Soave can be organised throughout the seasons. Towards the middle of May, the Medieval Festival of Soave Wine takes place in the historical center of the village of Soave. During the event, visitors are entertained along the streets of the village by jesters, fire-eaters, archers, flag-wavers, musicians, nobles, ladies of the court, knights and storytellers who give life to incredible historical reenactments that will bring back the splendor of the Middle Ages.

What things to do in Soave?

While in Soave for a wine tasting, make sure to visit Soave’s castle as well, perched on top of the village. Other highlights in the area that are worth visiting include the villages of San Bonifacio and Monteforte D’Alpone, the thermal baths of Giunone, Verona and its culturally rich historical center, where you will find its famous Arena and the house of Juliet.