“ Experience a unique moment Frantoio Muraglia in Apulia: live the EVO production process and taste our best selection of olive oils ”
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Duration: 1 Hour
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Here is what you will live

60-minute tour: visit to the oil mill and tasting of 8 oils, combined with a selection of local products

We open the doors of the oil mill to tell visitors about our secrets and illustrate the stages of the oil production process.
During the period October - January (depending on the vintage) it will be possible to smell the scents of the oil during the pressing of the olives in real time. The mill is operational all year round and it is possible to see the team in action every day to check the quality of the product, bottle it and ship it worldwide.

The Tasting, the olfactory analysis and our selection of oils
After theory we move on to practice! Together we will make a tasting tour of eight different oils: our ESSENZA line, passing through our AROMATICS. During the tasting, a short lesson on the approach to oil will be carried out, in which you will learn to distinguish the various scents of the oils.

The Tasting: the aromas and the food-oil combination
During the oil tasting we will learn to recognize the scents and to do so we will have ampoules with fresh ingredients, the same whose scents will be recognizable in our oils. During the tastings we will propose food and oil combinations.

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Min. 2 persons

How much does it costs?

18 € per person


  • Greetings by the hospitality manager
  • Tour of the olive oil mill
  • Evo oil tasting of 8 different types of oil


  • Transfers

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