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Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

A wine tasting in a winery usually includes a visit in the cellar and in the vineyard, a tasting of local food products and in some cases a fantastic lunch or dinner. You can find both indoor and outdoor wine tastings, picnic and other amazing experiences related

Wineries to Visit

Wineries to Visit

On Winedering.com you can search wineries by destination, looking at pictures, details, services and reviews written by the community of our wine travelers. Then, you can choose a wine experience and book or give directly online

Wine Tours

Wine Tours

A Wine Tour is a real and proper "tour of wineries" in which it is also possible to find stops in different places, such as historical villages or restaurants. On Winedering.com, you can find Wine Tours built by Winedering, that will let you easily discover the best wine destinations worldwide

Wonderful wine tasting! (5)
10/10 would recommend! The food was wonderful and the vineyards are beautiful. Also our tour guide was awesome!
Winery Reviewed: Oro d'Etna
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Review by DOMENICO
La Mondianese Winery (5)
We had a nice time with a tour of the vineyard and cellar with Francesca. Then a wonderful wine tasting at a large table outside under an umbrella. We had a relaxing and informative tasting of five wines with some bread, meat and cheese.
Winery Reviewed: La Mondianese
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Review by Serena
Great experience (5)
We had a lovely time with the owner, Viviana, who patiently explained all the stages of wine-making at her estate. Afterward, we met her again at their cantina in the town of Barolo for a four-course wine-tasting menu, which was tasty and perfectly matched with the wines from her estate. We loved and warmly recommended it for wine lovers who want to discover the world of Barolo wine.
Winery Reviewed: Germano Angelo Azienda Vitivinicola Di Germano Davide
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Review by
Farina was fantastic! (5)
Our Farina wine experience was truly wonderful! We made the reservation the day before and had an hour tour at 10:00 am, followed by a tasting of six wines and a delicate meat and cheese platter. Our tour guide, Nicole, was sweet, knowledgeable, and friendly. The winery was beautiful; a mix of old and new. Farina Valpolicella wines are delicious and I will look for them in Italy and in the US.
Winery Reviewed: Azienda Vinicola Farina
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Review by Silvia
Incredible! (5)
Absolutely incredible experience. Justine our guide was so friendly, informative and made us feel right at home. The wine complimented with their cheeses and salami was just unbelievable. Their stories and history of the area, along with all the flavours really blew my mind and kept me engaged the whole way through. Being the first wine tour for myself I didn’t know what to expect but it may have been my favourite activity for my stay here in Agropoli.
Winery Reviewed: Vini Marino
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Review by Justine
Delicious wine! Beautiful views! (5)
An intimate and beautiful experience of the region. A newer winery but refined in their approach. All organic.
Winery Reviewed: Poggio Santa Maria
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Review by Poggio
Beautiful gardens great tour (5)
We had a great tour wonderful lunch and limoncello tastings in such a peaceful setting. Il convento is located about 15 min from the piazza Tasso We went to the wrong town first ( same address) but our guide waited for us and we had such a great experience This is a must do on your trip to Sorrento.
Winery Reviewed: Agriturismo Il Convento
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Review by
A lovely local wine experience! (5)
Thank you for a lovely visit! My daughter and I really enjoyed La Cantina Bisson in Sestri Levante - a beautiful vineyard with locally produced wine. After a guided tour to the wine cellar we tasted 3 white and 2 red wines followed by local ham and cheese. We highly recommend the experience!
Winery Reviewed: Bisson
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Review by Marta
Very good wine tasting (5)
We tasted excellent wine and we had a very good experience. The host speaks very good english. He was able to answer all of our questions. 10/10, highly recommend.
Winery Reviewed: Azienda Agricola Fuocomuorto
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Review by Gennaro
wonderful tasting (5)
I have met a wine professional who has the courage to do his own thing in the vineyard & from what I have tasted gives an excellent result in the glas. F is passionate and it's nice that it comes across that way, beautiful location with stunning views
Winery Reviewed: Cascina Teresina
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Review by Francesco
Ottima accoglienza e ottimo vino (5)
La visita ci è piaciuta molto e ci ha fatto molto piacere conoscere di persona chi produce questi vini con una sentita, profonda e ammirevole passione che intreccia la storia, la storia familiare e le tradizioni della terra che hanno scelto di coltivare. Da semplici fruitori possiamo dire che eravamo venuti a visitare il podere 414 perché eravamo rimasti molto sorpresi dalla bontà del loro Morellino, ma che siamo rimasti quasi senza parole per la sorpresa assaggiando altre qualità che non conoscevamo, come per esempio il Trebbiano Toscano e il Vino del Bersagliere Riserva. Un ringraziamento particolare alla signora Roberta che è stata un’ambasciatrice perfetta durante la nostra visita.
Winery Reviewed: Podere 414 di Simone Castelli
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Review by simone
Enjoyable experience with Greek wine and food (5)
Our family of four thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the small family-run Anastasia vineyards.. Jason was a gracious host.. it was an educational experience learning about each of the grape varieties grown onsite along with the wine tastings afterwards. The interactive cooking lessons were great and the bountiful meal the kitchen staff cooked up was boarding on absurd! We left more than completely full. Jason also shared the recipes with our group so we could continue to prepare these Greek dishes at home as we fondly remember our experience. Thanks Jason!
Winery Reviewed: Estate Anastasia Triantafillou
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Review by Jason
Great day out ☺️ (5)
We had a lovely time at the Winery. Eleanora was a great host and the place itself is stunning, not to mention how great the wine is! Highly recommend!!
Winery Reviewed: Alessandro Fedrizzi
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Review by Alessandro
Had a lovely time at this winery. Very friendly and knowledgeable Owner. Setting was beautiful and welcoming. Interesting and full information about each wine and the tapas. Had the opportunity to purchase goods without any pressure. Questions answered readily. Only reason I did not give 5 glasses is because it was very difficult to find. We followed the sat nav but it took us to a location where it is not suitable to enter the winery. We had to reroute after making a call but although a new location pin was sent, it was still difficult to find and we were late for our booking. Luckily we were the only ones booked in. There are no signs to direct you either. So definitely leave plenty of time to locate the winery.
Winery Reviewed: Cantina Fausta Mansio
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Review by Olaf
Verry good and nice winetasting (5)
Verry friendy welcome by the son. We recived a lot of expla tion about the wines and how everything is made. Also verry intersting is the work involved in everything.. You get nice portions from everything. You see that everything is done with passion for the wine and all other product they make. All product are for sale in the shop at verry reasable prices.
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Review by ALBERTO
Fabulous! (5)
We had a wonderful experience at Poggio Amorelli, the staff were very welcoming, including Eddie! It's a beautiful location with stunning views and you get a real sense of the character of this winery and it's values from the tour. Thomas took great care of us and his expertise and knowledge was delivered in such a lovely manner. Above all, the wine is divine! Were so glad we chose Amorelli as our experience.
Winery Reviewed: Poggio Amorelli
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Review by Azienda Agricola Poggio ai Laghi S.S.
Very nice (4)
It's a really cool experience. The wine is great, the staff is friendly and overall you can learn a lot while enjoying four different kinds of Porto perfectly matched with four different kinds of chocolate. The only downside was that, for a system mistake, we booked for 19 while at 19 they close, so we were a little rushed in the end. I suggest that if you see the option "book at 19" avoid doing that, so that you can totally relax.
Winery Reviewed: Espaço Porto Cruz
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Review by Sandra
A wonderful tour (4)
We were warmly welcomed to the winery and joined 3 other couples for the tour. Our host was very knowledgeable, providing some great insights into the winery, processes and methods. The tour and tasting was just over an hour, which made it a perfect length.
Winery Reviewed: Poderi Boscarelli
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Review by Nicolò
Wine maker for a day (5)
We were at Ervideira for a tour called “winemaker for a day” yesterday. The tour was conducted by Miguel, and what a tour it was, indeed. We started with an explanation of the purpose and what was going to happen - after that, we got to taste the different varieties of grapes we were going to use for our own blend. All in a very accessible, straightforward way giving us all the tools needed. Miguel is very knowledgeable, easily accessible and has a kind personality, making him nice to work with - in short, a real asset for this kind of tours (and to his employer) The tour itself was really fun to do, and we also learned a lot about mixing grapes into a blend that works for YOU. All in all, a fun way to spend your (in our case) afternoon! After the tour, we had a tasting for the Ervideira wines, paired with some foods to conclude the afternoon. Would definetely recommend!
Winery Reviewed: Ervideira
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Review by Duarte
An Unforgettable Wine Tasting Experience at Il Dosso (5)
We, a group of 5, had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting at Il Dosso on Friday, July 5th, and it was an absolutely delightful experience from start to finish. We had booked a 6 wine tasting of Franciacorta wines, and each one was a masterpiece in its own right. We tastes 3 sparkling wines and 3 red wines, and they were all perfectly complemented by delicious cheese platters that elevated the tasting to another level. The tour of the winery was both informative and engaging, thanks to our passionate and pedagogical guide. Matteo’s enthusiasm for the winemaking process was simply infectious, as he expertly conveyed the complex process in a way that was easy to understand and appreciate. Overall, we were very pleased with our visit to Il Dosso. The combination of exceptional wines, delightful food, and an educational tour made for a truly memorable day. We would not hesitate to come back and would highly recommend this experience to everyone else. If you're looking for an outstanding wine tasting experience, Il Dosso should be at the top of your list!
Winery Reviewed: Il Dosso di Archetti Luca
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Review by Luca
Fantastic experience! (5)
It wasn’t just your regular wine tasting, it was an experience! We really learned about Tempranillo and got to taste some magnificent cheese as well. Highly recommended!
Winery Reviewed: DOMINIO LUBIANO
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Review by MONICA
Good wine and nice view (5)
Sylvia was very knowledgeable and sympathetic, Good wine and good time, thanks again!
Winery Reviewed: Le Bignele Winery - Soc. Agr. Aldrighetti Luigi, Angelo e Ni
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Review by Le
Wine tasting for my birthday! (5)
My friend and I came here at the end of June for my birthday and had a great time. A very informative wine tour followed by tasting the lovely wines and some antipasti!! The location was beautiful and very peaceful. 10/10
Winery Reviewed: Tenuta Santoro
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Review by
Best Afternoon in Sardinia (5)
We had an amazing afternoon with Giuseppe! He was friendly, welcoming, and so knowledgeable about the winemaking process. He thoughtfully prepared for our friends' 15 month old baby as I had put in the notes. He went above and beyond with the tastings and food to accompany; we especially enjoyed the sapa made by his mother! We loved meeting Fly the puppy and Giuseppe's son who inspired the Giuà Cannonau.
Winery Reviewed: Azienda Vitivinicola Lecis
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Review by Giuseppe
Birthday present (5)
It was a very nice visit at the winary together with family and friends. The wine and food was excellent. So was the wineyard and the service.
Winery Reviewed: La Matteraia
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Review by Matteraia
Amazing experience (5)
The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the processes from harvest to shipment. The food and wine was also amazing. The staff was friendly. My boyfriend and I left full and happy!
Winery Reviewed: Azienda Agricola Panzanello
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Review by Panzanello
Perfect Morning (5)
We had a great time at this beautiful winery. Truly enjoyed learning about the history and passion of this 5th generation family. The best part was of course the wines ,
Winery Reviewed: Fratelli Serio e Battista Borgogno
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Review by Federica
Picknick in the vineyard (5)
We went in a tour @Soito yesterday. Eventhough it is a small producer, they leave nothing to coinsidence - every detail in the process is well thought out and completely in line with their wishes for the final product- as it should be! This is also the case for their tours. Very knowledgeable young lady, ever so kind and very keen to answer your questions. Tour itself was short, but complete! After the tour, we got to choose from 3 types of wine to accompany our picknick - tip: of you don’t know which one to pick: GO FOR THE ROSE!!! Very delightful and fresh! Then it was time for the picknick - that is quitte the experience, we had the entire vineyard to ourselves! Very peaceful and quiet, with more food than one could possibly eat….very well executed, delicious Food and, as stated, even better rose!!! Would recommend any time!
Winery Reviewed: Soito Wines
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Review by Soito
Wonderful Visit! (5)
We had a wonderful time, view was great, tour was very interesting, wine and food were fantastic!! Loved it and want to go back.
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Review by Denise
Winery tour lipari (5)
Great experience, we had a good time. Nice wine and good snacks . Good tour guide and fantastic view!
Winery Reviewed: Tenuta di Castellaro
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Review by Barbara
What a wonderful wine-tasting experience (5)
Borgo di Cellamonte could be a very interesting place to visit and to know even without the "Cantine Infernot" - owed, directed and managed by the "Cinque Quinti Company", that offers emotioning & amusing experiences related to wines tasting, sniffing and feeling after the highest professional guideline of one of the owners. Very gentle and kind the explications we received, unforgettable the wines we tasted: Grignolino, Barbera d'Asti, etc.
Winery Reviewed: Cinque Quinti
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Review by Francesca
Winetasting (5)
We had a great visit at the winery and vineyard. They had a lot of knowledge about the different areas of Piemonte and were very patient when sharing the knowledge with us since we are beginners when it comes to the science of wine. And the wine tasting was amazing. We went to 3 other wine tastings in the area but this one was the best. We are planning on ordering a lot of wine from them.
Winery Reviewed: VOERZIO MARTINI
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Review by MIRKO
An excellent experience (5)
We had a brilliant time at Fattoria Montereggi. What a rustic and wonderful experience. The wine was delightful and the food delicious. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for for an authentic wine experience. We loved it!
Winery Reviewed: Fattoria Montereggi
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Review by Giorgio
A lovely morning of wine tasting (5)
My boyfriend and I booked this experience very last minute, and though there were some technical issues, we were able to make it to the tasting! We were given a tour of the cellar and we were able to se e a bit of the vineyard. It is family run and a real hidden gem in tuscany. We were then offered 4 delicious wines (one white and 3 reds) to taste, along with some wonderful snacks (cheese, cured meats, bread) accompanied by their own olive oil and other products (honey, truffle products etc). We really enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely visit them again!
Winery Reviewed: Fattoria Uccelliera
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Review by
Wine Tasting Savignola Paolina (5)
Great wine tasting in a fabulous location with such kind people from Savignola Paolina. We really enjoyed it and it is definitely worth a visit!
Winery Reviewed: Savignola Paolina
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Review by Alice
Authentic Chianti wine tasting experience! (5)
If you're looking for an exceptional wine tasting experience in Tuscany, look no further than a visit with Alberto! From the moment we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and whisked away on a fascinating tour through the vineyards. Alberto's knowledge of the land was truly impressive. He explained the history of the villa, bringing its past to life, and delved into the intriguing history of the very barrels that would soon hold the delicious wines we were about to savor. But the true stars are the wines themselves. Each sip is a revelation, a symphony of flavor showcasing the depth and character unique to their grapes and techniques. Alberto expertly guides your palate, helping you identify the subtle notes and aromas that make each wine sing. A beautifully curated cheese platter complements each sip, creating a perfect harmony of flavors on your tongue. And the delightful surprises don't stop there! A discovery of their homemade honey adds a touch of pure sweetness to the end of your tasting journey. What truly sets this experience apart is the warmth and hospitality. It feels more like spending an afternoon with a friend who happens to be a winemaking genius than a typical tourist encounter. Alberto's genuine passion for his craft and his welcoming demeanor make you feel right at home. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and exquisite wines of Tuscany. A visit to Alberto's winery is an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing fo
Winery Reviewed: Castello di Selvole
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Review by Alberto