Lucia Gargiulo

Lenzuola sporche. Freddo in stanza

Lenzuola sporche. Freddo in stanza
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About Winery and Wines

Our Farm has followed, since its origins, the standards of organic farming whose key feature is the maintenance and enhancement of its biodiversity to maintain the farm’s ecosystem in balance. According to this principle, every living organism helps to maintain the ecosystem in balance. For this reason we do not use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or herbicides but only natural fertilizers.

In addition to grapes, we grow several varieties of cherries, herbs, ancient varieties of apples and pears, and olives from which we extract the organic extra virgin olive oil “Tenuta Santa Cecilia to Croara.” All our products are also available in the farm’s shop.

Our organic wines are the natural expression of the territory in which they are born that has a documented millennial vocation for viticulture thanks to the earth, geologically defined as “the land of chalk and yellow sands”, and a particularly favorable microclimate.



We would like our guests to feel right at home, living the genuine experience of an Italian home. We serve great breakfasts on the veranda with organic seasonal fruits, jams, honey, cakes and homemade bread.

The rooms are double and single, with bathrooms and a kitchen can be rented for short or even longer periods. A four bed apartment is also available.